Monday, May 26, 2008


Dear One,
Some people say that love is where you find it. That is true. Love should be found inside of you in your spirit. Love is a fruit, an outgrowth of My presence in your spirit.
All of My spiritual attributes are inherent in your spirit and they are the result of having My Spirit live inside of you inside of your spirit.
My Love, being inside of you, is always there so that you can love yourself, love Me and love others. I commented on that premise when I said that you should love Me and love your neighbor as yourself. I can give you the ability to do that.
I can only show My love to others through you. Knowing that My love is in you is important. You will feel inadequate as far as passing it on if you don't know that it is already inside of you. You have often felt that you were not loved by Me, but when you began to realize that My presence in you is Love because I am Love, then you found that you are Love also because you are My child..
As love is passed on to others it multiplies within you because as it multiplies and flows outside of you it also multiplies within you. More love for you and more love for others is produced every time you pass it on. Look for opportunities to pass love on, then feel it grow inside of you.
Oh, how I love you!
Love, God
Matthew 5:43; I Corinthians 13:4-8; Galatians 3:22&23

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