Saturday, May 31, 2008


Dear One,
Have you ever wondered about the theory of giving to others and its importance? There is a wonderful thing that happens to you when you give.
Giving is a very simple phenomenon. When you give to another person, whether it is a smile, a compliment, a word of encouragement, food, money, clothing, advice, counsel, forgiveness, mercy or anything else, you have opened the door to the person's heart. More importantly, you also had to open the door of your heart in order for you to have been impressed by Me to give something of emotional or spiritual value to another person.
When you have opened the door of your heart so that the spirit behind the gift giving can flow from you, then the door is also open for My blessings to flow to you from all the corners of the earth.
In opening the door to give, you also open the door to receive from the seeds you have sown.
When the door to your heart is open, all good things will be able to come your way.
Love, God

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