Saturday, May 17, 2008


Dear One,
Understanding is a vital part of forgiveness.
Understanding means that you exit from the mindset of judgment and you mentally put yourself in the situation of another person so that you will sympathize and understand the motivation behind his actions.
To remain in judgment and condemnation of another person is to take the part of the Pharisees in their relation to Jesus. They always saw the areas of his disobedience to religious laws instead of seeing his compassion for people. The Pharisees turned on Him, someone they thought was evil and unlawful and they helped execute him. Then they realized that He was My Son.
How often do you find yourself mentally executing people who you consider to have broken what you deem to be My laws but they are only religious laws?
Weigh all your thoughts of judgment and condemnation of others and see what they are, Pharisaical in nature.
Remember the compassion of Jesus for the woman who was caught in adultery and had broken religious laws. He understood her actions and forgave her.
To understand is to take yourself out of the position of being a judge and jury and place yourself in the position of being My distributor of love and forgiveness.
Forgiveness is a divine attribute.
Love, God
John 8:3-18

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