Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Dear One,
My ministry of reconciliation involves reconciling people to their original state of value, being My valued children, prized by Me, and then they are prized in their own eyes because of the value that I place on them.
The first thing I reveal to every man who comes to Me is that they are worthy of every good thing instead of being unworthy to even approach Me. The lie of unworthiness has been told to them. Religion teaches men that they are unworthy. I reveal to all men that I love them and that they are worthy to approach Me, to communicate with Me, to receive My abundant gifts and to spend eternity with Me.
When men realize that I consider them worthy of everything I have, then they change into My image of worthiness and they begin to believe that I can give them an abundant life because I love and prize them.
Value all men and reconcile them to Me.
Love, God
Romans 5:8
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