Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Dear One,
You have complete authority in the earth as long as you stay out of fear and anger. The way to do that is to stay out of all negative emotions and for you to remain positive. Walking in the Spirit takes care of all of it.
I live in you. I have chosen your body and the bodies of all My children as My abode in the earth. I did that so that I can live in the earth again through the Holy Spirit. Because I live in My children I can continue My work in the earth and I can destroy the works of the devil through all of My children.
When you allow me to continue My work in your life, your life is full of wisdom and knowledge and joy and love. Those are My gifts to you for your allowing Me to take up My home in you. All of My gifts of the Spirit are My housewarming gifts to you for being so kind as to invite Me into your life, into your body. My housewarming gifts are continuous. They aren't a one time thing. Enjoy My gifts to you. All My gifts will make your life in the earth happy and enjoyable. Love, God
"This little Grand-Child warms our house and hers"

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