Thursday, May 22, 2008


Dear One,
When you go to the core of anything, the center of it, you will find the true value, the real essence of it. The outer coverings are only extraneous, they are not the real thing.
It is the same with people. The core of a person, the center of him which is his spirit, is the person of true value. It is the real essence of him. The outer coverings, the body and even the mind, are not the real person. They are extraneous.
Men judge each other by the extaneous things, the outer parts, which are not even the real person, the true person. You judge the skin, the hair, the shape, the weight, the opinions, the language, the habits, the attitudes, all of which are extraneous. All of that will eventually fall away. They are temporary and are always changing.
Sometimes you are led by spirits of judgment to size up and evaluate the outer person by unreasonable standards because you can't see the core of the person, the spirit, which is the eternal person. You are often led to judge him by sight and hearing, by the senses. You need to see every person by revelations given by My Holy Spirit, who sees the inner man.
I see the true "you", the spirit, and I see perfection. Discern the true person in others, the one in need of understanding relating to the outer man.
Love, God
John 8:15
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