Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Dear One,

Remember to prize everyone you meet just like I prize them. The way to prize a person is to treat him as if he were the most valuable possession in the world.When you prize a person, you increase the value of that person to himself, to others and to yourself.Precious stones only became prized because someone declared them valuable. Before that, they only were rocks like all the others, just a little bit more shiny. After someone declared them valuable, only then were they considered prized.Relate that truth to people. A person is only one of the crowd until someone declares him valuable enough to speak to, to smile at, to acknowledge his presence, to speak of his good looks or her beauty, to comment about his wit, his wisdom or any other positive attribute. There is always something that you can find to declare valuable about a person.You can declare people valuable or you can declare them worthless by the way you treat them.I declare you more valuable than diamonds or rubies. Acknowledge the value of others and you will be putting My value upon them.Love, GodProverbs 3: 13-20; John 3:16

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