Friday, May 2, 2008

To Grow Freely

Dear One,
To be ignorant of something is to be destitute of knowledge concerning it.
When you are uninformed and untrained in righteous, then you are bound by ignorance. You are not free.
Remember that I said that truth will set you free. The way to obtain truth is to seek me for wisdom and knowledge. Every time that you hear wisdom from Me you become free from some kind of bondage, either from the slavery of the devil or from the bondage of religious law.
Think about how powerful truth and knowledge and wisdom are since they can set you free. You have the instruction book and you have the teacher in the person of the Holy Spirit. There really is no excuse for your lack of knowledge since you have everything available to you for your enlightment.
Tune your hearing to My channel in your mind and increase your power by gaining the insight and understanding that I have provided for you.
I want you free. Do you choose to be free? If so, then seek My wisdom and knowledge and I will set you free.
Love, God
photo is of my Wisteria plant growing freely among the pine trees which is rare to see.

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