Sunday, November 30, 2014


Dear One, The Psalmist David observed that a good man might fall for temptation seven times but get up again and again, but an evil man who falls will eventually fall and not get up because evil will eventually befall him. My Spirit taught through Paul that My children should not rejoice at a man’s iniquity but to rejoice when the man finds truth. Very often when a man who has fallen for the tricks of the devil by yielding to him and sowing seeds into the devil’s garden of life, My children will rejoice that the person is reaping what he or she has sown. It should not be so. You should not rejoice at a person’s spiritual failure. You have fallen for the tricks of the devil many times, such as having lustful thoughts which Jesus said are the same as committing adultery because of your yielding to the lustful images put in your mind by the devil. Jesus summed it up when He said that a shepherd leaves his 99 pure sheep and pursues the one who is lost. I never rejoice when any of My sheep go astray and become lost in the devil’s destruction. You should be of like mind, having the mind of Christ, being filled with mercy and eager to forgive every sin, trespass, misdeed, mistake, and every thought and act of iniquity. My purpose toward My children is total restoration, not revenge, judgment or destruction. When you see a person who has fallen for any form of temptation to do evil, immediately pray for the repentance of the person, that he or she will turn from the wicked ways and begin to seek My ways and My goodness. Remember that it is My goodness that brings a man to repentance and it is My goodness that makes a person desire to enter into My ways, turning from darkness to My light. So when your enemy falls into bad times because of the seeds that he or she has sown, refrain from rejoicing about his or her misfortune. Forgive the person with the authority to forgive that Jesus gave to you when you were born of My Spirit. After He breathed My Spirit into His disciples He told them that they had the authority to forgive sins. You have the same authority, My Godly privilege of forgiving the sins of everyone. Jesus said whose sins you forgive are forgiven and whose sins you retain are retained. Never retain the sins of anyone lest your sins be retained. Instead of rejoicing when a person commits sins, rejoice when the person discovers the truth that he or she is loved by you and by Me, even during their destructive acts. Extend mercy and pray that the person will reverse directions, turning from his or her destructive ways and turning to Me. My Blessings await the lost sheep, just like the prodigal son whom Jesus used as an example. When you can become merciful to all people who are sowing destructive seeds, you will obtain mercy from everyone in your life. You always have My mercy and My goodness, as promised in Psalms 23, goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life. Extend the same goodness and mercy to others and you will be known as My child. Your Merciful and Loving Father Matthew 9:13; Matthew 18:13; Matthew 5:27-31; Luke 15:1I-32; Corinthians 13:6; Romans 2:4.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


MERCY DIFFERENT THAN SYMPATHY Dear One, Compassion, sympathy and empathy are wonderful attitudes, but mercy is better. You ask how is mercy different than compassion, sympathy and empathy. Compassion, sympathy and empathy are heartfelt emotions toward someone who has been injured physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. You are moved into one of those attitudes when you hear about, see or read about something that hurts another person. Mercy goes further. Mercy goes beyond those human emotions of heartfelt compassion and delivers forgiveness to a person who has injured you or a person who has broken civil or religious laws. Because of that forgiveness for the person, looking beyond the fleshy sins and seeing the spirit of the person, the real person, mercy delivers compassion for the lawbreaker even though he or she may not deserve it because of his or her obvious guilt. Mercy comes from Me and is always forgiving. Mercy blots out trespasses, sins, iniquities, misdeeds and mistakes and immediately restores the lawbreaker to favor and goodness because mercy is not affected by actions, only by the value that I give to My creations. In other words, mercy is nonjudgmental, never being a judge and jury which determines the guilt of another person. Mercy blots out the trespass and never refers to it because it has been erased . Be of the attitude of mercy because it reflects My mercy toward you, Your Merciful and Loving Father, Matthew 5:7; Exodus 25:21-22; Matthew 9:13; I Timothy 1;15-16.

Monday, November 24, 2014


Dear One, My children ask what they can do to deserve My mercy. Nothing. My mercy is unconditional My children ask what they can do to warrant My love. Nothing. My love is unconditional. My children ask what they can do to deserve My goodness and kindness and so they work and work tirelessly in order to access them. Nothing you can do deserves My goodness and kindness. It is My pleasure to give blessings to My children. My children ask what they can do to ACCESS the blessings that come from My goodness and kindness, though completely undeserved. Ah, there are keys to accessing My blessings and Jesus taught about those keys at the first teaching session He had with people. He taught them to be merciful toward others, to forgive others for wrongs done, to give to the poor, to love others as I love you, to turn the other cheek when struck, to never return evil for evil but always return good for evil, to seek Me instead of worldly goods, to keep your thoughts free from lust for anything, to refuse to yield to anger, to make friends with anyone who accuses you, to give to anyone who requires your earthly goods, to give to anyone who asks for a loan without requiring payback, to give to others in secret, to pray in secret, to cease from worrying, to give mercy instead of judgment. When you are able to do those things by the power of My Holy Spirit, then you are identified by My heavenly hosts as being My child, a legal recipient of My inheritance to you because you bear My name in actions instead of in name only. You don’t deserve My merciful blessings because of your actions. Blessings are already yours. But your actions do identify you as My child, restored to My image by My Spirit who lives inside of you. Your light which shines before men also shines in the heavenly dimension around you, identifying you as the recipients of My blessings. When Jesus spoke of those who will not inherit My kingdom while in the earth, He was talking about those people who call themselves by My name but who act from the kingdom of darkness. The light that emanates from them is darkness and so the angels who deliver My blessings say, “Oh, wrong address. These blessings go to God‘s children of light.” My mercy and love is always poured out toward you, never ending. Your light which comes from knowing Me and becoming My loving image in the world is what identifies you as the beneficiary of My blessings, which are My inheritance to you. My Son did not talk just to hear Himself proclaim My words. He gave instructions on how to access My kingdom. He said that My Spirit would amplify His teachings and convince My children of My love, My mercy, My goodness and kindness toward them. He is in charge of teaching My children how to access the blessings that come from being My loved children, and it’s not by reflecting the fruit of evil. It is by being My children of light in a dark world. Your Merciful and Loving Father Matthew 5, 6 and 7; Matthew 8:22-24; Luke 12:31-32; Luke 11:35-36.

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Dear One, You have heard it said that you should not judge a person until you have walked in the person’s shoes for many days. If you were to walk in his or her shoes, you would have mercy instead of judgment because you would have the same temptations and actions. Because My life is in all of My creation, I do walk in the shoes of every person in the earth. I know their desires, their thoughts, their experiences, their generational curses and their need to be loved. My mercy is the result of My love and My knowing the life struggles and battles against evil. I know everyone and I love them unconditionally. I can help you to have the same mind which was in Christ Jesus. I can help you have pity, compassion and mercy for everyone who is downtrodden and in need of My help and your help. I can help you to put your own selfish beliefs that cause you to judge others as being good and evil and I can give you My mercy for everyone. I said that no one can know the thoughts of a person except the spirit that is in that person. I know the thoughts and hearts of every person. So when you have My Holy Spirit inside of you, I can give you the mercy to forgive those who wrong you, give compassion and mercy for the lawbreakers, the rebellious, the stubborn and the wayward. I can give you the same mind that was in Christ Jesus who only saw the suffering of humans, not the fleshly disobedience to religious laws. The prophets of old prophesied the attitudes of Jesus Christ even before He came to earth. They said that He would be a light to unbelievers, that He would give sight to the blind, bring prisoners out of prison, and bring those who sit in spiritual and emotional darkness out of their mental prisons, plus forgive the sins of everyone, making their sins white as snow, destroying the works of the devil and demonstrating My love to everyone. When Jesus came to earth, He fulfilled all of those promises and demonstrated My love to the world. He revealed My true personality and it was not the personality that the rigid religious leaders of old had spoken. The mind that was in Christ Jesus was My mind because He said that He did nothing of His own will, but He only did My will, speaking My words and doing My deeds. My mercy asks of you the same attitudes which were in Christ Jesus, ones of humility, obedience, mercy, compassion, empathy and unconditional love. But, My Instruction Book to you says, “LET this mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus.” It is still an act of your own will to LET My thoughts be your thoughts, LET your words be My words, LET your actions be My actions. You are not a robot with the mechanism in My hand. I gave you free will so I said to LET My mind influence you, transform you and give you My mercy for others. Jesus met all the needs of My children. Let the same mind be in you, erasing all the sins of people by forgiving them, loving them as I love you, healing the sick, giving sight to the blind and bearing the emotional burdens of others with words of encouragement and My guidance. Your Merciful, Loving Father Mark 4:17-19; John 5:30-36; John 5:19-20; John 14:23-26; John 13:34.

Friday, November 21, 2014


Dear One, Together we have reviewed My generational personality traits that are in abundance to you and hopefully through you to others. We have seen that they all come from My love which is the core of My being. In our recent sessions we have discussed My love, My joy, My goodness and My kindness toward you. Now we need to examine My mercy and the benefits of My unfettered mercy toward you and all of humanity. It is always said that My mercy is everlasting. My mercy is perpetually flowing toward the sick, the poor, the law breakers, the mentally ill, the confused, the strangers in distant lands, the abused, and the people who are in need of a spiritual, emotional or physical physician. My mercy is ever present to forgive sins, to forgive mistakes, to forgive misdeeds, to forgive iniquities and to forgive transgressions. In My eyes it is as if evil works never happened because where there are no religious laws there are no transgressions. In My heaven the only law is the law of love because I am love. Because I love you, My mercy is everlasting toward you and everyone. My mercy is My desire to rescue all of My children from the works of evil. Only when a person has been the victim of his or her own misdeeds done in answer to temptations of the devil is My mercy necessary. When I am called upon to cure the situation, My mercy is in effect. I do not even consider the misdeeds when I am called upon for my mercy. I only consider how to free My children from their current hurtful circumstances. Because I can’t look upon evil works, My merciful sight bypasses the works of evil done by My children and My sights are 100% on the methods through which I can rescue My children. Paul said that there is, therefore, now no guilt or condemnation from Me, but that there are only beneficial solutions from Me. My mercy toward My children covers evil thoughts as well as evil acts. My mercy is what makes them white as snow. My mercy is what cleanses My children from all wrongdoing. It is in my extreme mercy that I sent My Son into the earth to wipe away all the effects done by their sins. It was by the extreme mercy of Jesus that He was willing to go to the cross to make payment to the devil for your sins. It was by Our extreme mercy that We sent My Holy Spirit into your life to give you the power to refuse the evil promptings of the devil and to destroy his works, just as Jesus did. The children of My first covenant with a nation tried My mercy and tried my mercy again and again. I never wavered from complete mercy and when they would return to Me I was eager to restore them to My love. Then because of My mercy for all humanity, I instituted My final covenant with all of My children and, because of My mercy, I sent My Son to be the payment for sins, to defeat the works of the devil in the earth, to go to hell and regain the authority to the earth. In My mercy I sent My Spirit to raise Him from the dead and come back to live again with Me. Together, because of My mercy toward you, We sent My Very Own Spirit to live in you, the same Spirit who ministered through Jesus, raised Him from the dead, catapulted Him back into My heaven and, because of My mercy for My children, We sent My Spirit to live within My children to extend My mercy toward those who have no power over evil. We do it for you. You must do it for others. The merciful obtain mercy. The judgmental people receive judgment because of the seeds they sow into their garden of life. The outgrowth of mercy is always forgiveness. Because of My mercy, I always forgive. Because of My mercy toward you, you must always forgive. When you forgive, you erase the sins of others and erase your sins from the devil’s memory book which he keeps in order to exact judgment. Mercy dispels his judgment. Your Merciful and Loving Father Psalm 6:2-4; Psalm 25:10-11; Psalm 25:16; Matthew 5:7; Matthew 9:11-13; Matthew 12:7; Matthew 23:23: Luke 1:46-54; Luke 1:76-79; Romans 8;1-2; Romans 11:30; Romans 12;1-3; II Corinthians 1:3-4; Ephesians 2:4-6; Romans 4:15.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Dear One, There are bushes that have thick, strong branches which are easily snapped in a strong wind because of their rigidity. There are bushes that have thin, tender branches which survive strong winds because of their flexibility. Jesus said that He is the vine and you are the branches. In the body of Christ there are rigid branches which are snapped when strong winds of true doctrine are revealed.

 The flexible tender branches who are always open to new revelations are the ones who endure to the end because of their lack of pride and rigidity. My fruit of kindness that is an outgrowth of My kindness toward you is always flexible, never rigid, never strong in religious or political opinions but always eager to believe new and beneficial revelations of My love for all humanity and the earth. Jesus, Himself, was so flexible and humble that He was never vainglorious. He let Me proclaim His identity, never declaring His own importance as He spoke My truth. He even said that He was not good and that only I am good. When the disciples were confused about His Godliness He asked Peter his opinion of who He was. Peter proclaimed that He was the Christ, the Son of the Living God. Jesus never tooted His own horn but always testified that His works were done by Me. Jesus congratulated Peter for receiving that revelation which He said only came from Me. Jesus didn’t take credit for that revelation but He gave credit to Me for His works and for all revelations. Rigidity which comes from pride will not be open for revelations from Me because of the fear that they will conflict with previous religious foundations. Flexibility which comes from My fruit of kindness and humility will always be open to revelations because of never being rigid and self sufficient. Being flexible is willing to be wrong in your beliefs, your opinions, and your political and religious tenets. It is being like the tender branches of a plant which flow with the winds rather than being rigid and easily broken. Being flexible is being open to My compassion and mercy for all people, the downtrodden, the poor, the offenders of laws, the demon possessed, the immigrants in your country, and even the people with opposing rigid opinions. Being flexible is being willing to be wrong, taking upon yourself the willingness to allow others to have their own opinions without being in strife with them. Jesus was willing to be made sin when He knew no sin. He was willing to look like He was wrong in an effort to die for the sins of the world. All the time He was righteous, but He was willing to be flexible and appear to be wrong to the entire world because the end result was showing My love and kindness to all the world. He swallowed any fleshly pride that He had, and He became obedient to me, even unto death. He did not avenge Himself and His beliefs. He let Me avenge Him, which is My job in the lives of My children. Rigid Scribes and Pharisees never experience My kingdom. Only humble and flexible people do. Your Kind and Loving Father - Matthew 3:13-17; Matthew16:13-17; Mark 10:18; Philippians 2:3-15.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Dear One, All of your earthly comforts, prosperity and mental stability depend upon your success in sowing love, mercy, goodness, kindness, faith and joy into the lives of everyone with whom you come into contact. Jesus spoke that truth emphatically when He said that what you sow you will also reap. He also revealed the percentage of return that you will receive according to the ground surrounding your lives, whether it is good ground nourished by loving others as you love yourself, whether it is rocky ground with hard heartedness from an uncaring soul, or whether your garden of life is covered with thorny bushes caused by the presence of demons of anger, hatred, fear and strife.

   Jesus told His followers that when He cast out demons from them that My kingdom came upon them. In other words, when He commanded the demons to leave a person, My family of blessings came upon the person because the family of demons were gone. The same truth continues today. When you turn from acting out of the attitudes and speech of the devil and return to Me, spreading the love of My family, then My family of blessings engulfs you and blesses you. It is not by observing the old Mosaic laws that justify your inheritance from Me, it’s walking in love which is the only commandment given under My final covenant which is instituted by your allowing Me to live inside of you with all of My love and power and then your allowing Me to love everyone just as I love you. Unselfish love fulfills all civil laws and religious laws. When you are distributing to others the loving attitudes of My family, then everything that involves you becomes blessed because My distributing agents, My angelic hosts, recognize you as being a member of My family, and they bring you the inheritance that I provided for My children. It’s not that you have deserved the inheritance by your good works, but it’s that you have shown by your loving actions that you are My child and a beneficiary of My inheritance. However, I said that when you live and move and have your being in Me by My power of faith, that the results in your life will be good works. It’s not that you obtain your inheritance by your good works of observing religious laws, it’s that your good works are a result of My love and power which resides inside of you, identifying you as My child. When you are identified as My child to the heavens, then the angels bring your inheritance to you. They don’t know you are My child unless you are My ambassador of love in the earth. With that recognition, the distribution of My blessings to you begins only because of My nature of love in you. People who walk in anger, strife and hatred are marked as recipients of evil because they have acted from the works of evil. Their inheritance is from the father of strife because they have identified themselves in the heavens as being members of that family. Make sure that, because of My love in you and through you, that you are marked for blessings instead of being marked for destruction by following the family of evil attitudes toward My creation that I love. Your Loving and Generous Father Matthew 13:3-12; II Corinthians 9:5-12; Galatians 6:3-10; James 1:18-20.

Monday, November 17, 2014


Dear One, There are children born into the world who are children of privilege because either their parents or grandparents worked hard and became wealthy, with the advantage of allowing their families to be rich in worldly goods. Jesus said that it’s hard for a rich person to enter into My kingdom because they don’t have a need for the things that I provide. They are self sufficient and self reliant, often having no need for My graciousness toward all of humanity. There are children born into the world who are children of poverty because their parents or grandparents worked hard but had generational spirits of poverty which would not allow their descendants to ever get ahead financially.

Those people are the ones who easily enter into My kingdom while in the earth because their needs are great. Jesus came into the earth for the latter, the ones who are not children of earthly privilege. He came to make them children of “super natural” privilege. He said that they are blessed because they are poor in spirit, hungering and thirsting after My righteousness and they will be filled with My Spirit and My privileges simply because they seek Me, find Me and receive from My storehouse of blessings. There are people who, by family training, do the things that I train My children to do, like love others, be merciful to others, keep peace with others, refuse to return evil for evil, refrain from anger and strife, speak only words that edify others, meet the needs of the poor and downtrodden and are kind. Because of the purity of their hearts, they inherit the things that I give to all of My children. They do what I have trained My children to do, so they also inherit My blessings because of their righteous, giving behavior. There are other people who have lived lives of spiritual, emotional and earthly poverty who seek Me for My provisions for their lack and they begin to experience all of the benefits of having My Spirit within them, which are spiritual, emotional and earthly blessings. They have peace for their souls, the revelation of being loved and prized, a joyful heart, answers to their prayers, as well as earthly benefits because they have received My Spirit into their own spirits, becoming born of My spiritual sperm, and are identified by the angelic hosts as being My blessed children. It is the duty of My angels to deliver all of My kingdom to them, spiritual, emotional and physical blessings. They become labeled in the entire heavens as My children, worthy of receiving their full inheritance. Often some of those blessed ones will temporarily depart from unity with Me and begin to fraternize again with the devil, in unity with his destructive attitudes toward others. They allow themselves to be robbed of My inheritance because they have chosen to wallow in the pigpen of curses by being deceived. That is the reason why I cautioned My children through all of My prophets to depart from evil and unite with Me lest they lose their inheritance because they have chosen another father, the devil. The prodigal son is an example. Returning to Me is easy. It involves changing their loyalty and coming back to Me to receive their inheritance again. Love, God II Chronicles 7:14; Ezekiel 33:11-19; Galatians 4:4-9; Galatians 5:13-25; Luke 15:11-24.

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Dear One, GIVE blessings to those who persecute you. Do not condemn them by speaking negatively to them or about them. GIVE to meet the needs of others. GIVE hospitality to strangers. GIVE emotional support to others, rejoicing with those who rejoice and weeping with those who weep, GIVE acceptance to everyone, creating harmony with them. GIVE the gift of being at peace with everyone. GIVE respect and honor to the lowly by being humble yourself. GIVE forgiveness for evil done to you. GIVE acts of kindness to the ones who do evil toward you. GIVE respect to those whose beliefs are opposed to your beliefs, giving them the free will that I give to you. GIVE to Me the job of avenging you. Never avenge yourself. GIVE food to your enemies when they are hungry and GIVE water when they are thirsty, releasing the angels to minister to them, bringing them to a knowledge of Me. GIVE good for evil done to you. GIVE respect to governing authorities because if you resist them you will bring judgment upon yourself. GIVE love to everyone because you owe them love. GIVE love and kindness to everyone and those actions will dispel works of darkness and cover you with the armor of light. GIVE to the poor and anyone who lacks worldly goods. I give validation, blessings, respect, earthly goods, love, honor, free will and kind actions to you. Go and do likewise to others and you will be known as My children. Let your works of kindness be such that others will see them and glorify Me as the instigator of the kindness. Your Giving and Loving Father Matthew 5:14-16; Romans 12:9-21

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Dear One My righteousness always flows with acts of goodness and kindness toward you.

My righteousness IN you always flows with acts of goodness and kindness toward others. Goodness and kindness cannot be contained in one vessel, it must flow outward to others. In doing so, My kingdom blessings will be manifested in the lives of My children so that acts of goodness and kindness will be perpetuated. Jesus said that your righteousness must exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, meaning that My character and personality that is produced in you is more loving, kind, peaceful, good, merciful, joyful, patient and in self control than the people who practice their piety before other people with the purpose of receiving praise and recognition. When your goodness and kindness are from a joyful, humble heart, then you are accessing more and more of My blessings because you have used the keys to My kingdom where blessings are stored for you. Jesus delivered the message to My children that their previous methods of worship were not per My instructions but were per the instructions of the religious priests. He said that praying in public is not My desire for My children because prayer is communion between you and Me, not for observers to see in order to praise you for your religious acts. He said that those who pray in front of people get the reward they desire from people, which is to appear righteous to others. He said to beware of that. Your righteousness must be greater that that. He said to go into your room and pray in secret and your Father who hears in secret will reward you openly. Even under My old covenant with a nation, priests went into the Holy of Holies to pray, not in front of the whole congregation. Jesus said instead of giving to others and telling about it, that you should not let yourself know what you are giving so that you will not be inflated with pride. He said fasting is not supposed to be so that others will know that you are fasting, which the hypocrites do. He said instead of putting ashes on your face that you should wash your face so that others will not know that you are fasting and your father who sees in secret will reward you openly. He said not to judge others, as the religious people do, because the same judgment comes upon yourself. He said to judge yourself by discerning the evil in which you are participating. He said if you judge others that you are giving permission to the demonic spiritual dogs who will turn, rend you, doing to you what you have done to others. Jesus said that when My righteousness becomes your righteousness that you will ask what you will and it WILL be done to you. He said that when you seek Me that you WILL find Me and that My heavens will be open to you when your righteousness exceeds that of the hypocrites and Pharisees. He said that when you hear His instructions and do them you will be like the man who built his house on rock and when bad things are happening to other people because of their fake religious piety that you will not fall but you will be blessed because you have learned from My tutoring and become My image in the earth. Your Loving, Good and Kind Father Matthew 5:20-26; Matthew 6:1-7; Matthew 6:16-18; Matthew 7:1-28.

Friday, November 14, 2014


Dear One, My love FOR you always produces My acts of kindness toward you. My love IN you always produces acts of kindness toward others. If there are no acts of kindness, there is no revelation of My love. When you are kind, one to another, you fulfill the law of Christ which was to love one another as He loved you. To be a witness of My love for you, there will always be acts of kindness to everyone, not just the believers, but the unbelievers, the sinners, your enemies, your neighbors, people who steal from you and people who hurt you emotionally.

When you do that, you are obedient to My Son who outlined the acts which exemplify My love to you and your actions toward others. My fruit of kindness in you gives actions of love to others who malign you, injure you, speak evil about you and do evil to you. I do the same for you and you must do the same for others. Love and ensuing kind acts do not stop with the recipient, but they must be passed on. Paul followed the example of Jesus and then he wrote the same admonitions in his writings as led by My Holy Spirit. That is why kindness is called a fruit of My Spirit, it is the product of the indwelling of My Spirit in your life. He challenged you to let your love be genuine. He said to contribute to the needs of others and to always be hospitable. He admonished you, just like Jesus did, to always bless those who persecute you, to bless and not curse them by talking against them. He said to rejoice with those who rejoice and to weep with those who weep, giving emotional support. He said to always give acceptance and harmony to others, living in peace with them. He cautioned you to always be humble with the lowly, giving them honor and respect. He said to never repay evil for evil. He said to live peaceably with everyone, giving them freedom to have their own opinions and beliefs. He said to never avenge yourself but to leave all avenging up to Me. He said to give food to your enemies if they are hungry, to give water if they are thirsty, and in doing those things you release angels to minister to them which will bring them to the knowledge of Me. He said to never be overcome with evil but to overcome evil with good. He said to give honor and respect to governing authorities because they exist because of Me. He said if you resist the governing authorities that you resist Me and that those who resist authorities will incur their own judgment. My Holy Spirit said that you owe everyone love because of My love for you. Love always results in kind actions toward people and great is the reward of kindness. He said that acts of kindness which come from love will cast off all works of darkness and put on the armor of light. Since Jesus said that He is the light of the world, you must be lights in the dark world by always showing My love through acts of kindness and forgiving one another for all offenses. You must take your mantle of forgiveness which was given to you by Jesus seriously. LOVE ALWAYS FORGIVES AND THEN GIVES. Your Kind and Loving Father Matthew 5:38-48; Romans 12:9-21.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Dear One, My kindness is extended toward all of My creation. It rains on the just and the unjust. My salvation is for the sinners and the righteous. Since I am no respecter of persons, I have given the mandate that everyone will benefit from the goodness and kindness of My heart. You ask why there are so many problems in the world and why isn‘t everyone walking in abundant blessings which I have given and am still giving. The answer is simple: there are two kingdoms at work in your world, My good kingdom and the devil‘s evil kingdom. When My children join with the evil kingdom they allow the evil to come between themselves and My blessings. I said that a person cannot serve two masters. Harkening to the voice of the father of evil will cause My children to give permission for the evil beings to set up blockages between themselves and My blessings. I never withhold blessings. My children interrupt the reception of My blessings when they join with My enemy and their enemy. However, the good news is that My goodness and My kindness endure forever. So the secret of accessing My benefits are to stay in unity with Me and refuse all of the temptations of the evil one to join with him in disharmony with Me and disharmony with any of My children. I said through Jesus that there are GREAT REWARDS to seeking Me and My Kingdom. I also said there are GREAT REWARDS to turning the other cheek, to returning good for evil, to loving your enemies, to giving your alms in secret, to fast in private instead of in public, to pray in secret instead of in public. Jesus said that praying in secret will result in your being rewarded in public by Me. He said that you are blessed when people hate you and separate themselves from you because you know Me. He said that you should rejoice and leap for joy because your reward is great simply because you have joined in unity with Me. He said that you should love those enemies who have done bad things to you, that you should do good to the people who hate you. that you should bless those who curse you, that you should give a coat to a person who steals your cloak, that anyone who takes anything from you that you should not ask for it back. He said that your rewards will be great when you can do those things. Those admonitions were given by Jesus to show that there are rewards to following My advice instead of following the temptations of the evil one to retaliate. My rewards are for those who follow My teachings or seek to follow My ways because when you sow into My garden of life you reap My rewards, My benefits and My blessings because you are declaring yourself to be My child to the heavens. Then My angels and I are poised and ready to pour My blessings upon you. I didn’t tell you to do these things for your piety. I told you to do them so that you will receive My rewards instead of doing evil bidding and receiving his curses. I am the rewarder of those who diligently seek me. The first reward you get is peace for your soul. What follows is more and more of My blessings because of My kindness. Your kindness to others pays off in big rewards Your Kind and Loving Father Matthew 6:5-6; Matthew 14-21; Matthew 10:40-41; Luke 6:22-38; Hebrews 11:6.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Dear One, The goodness of My heart always results in kind acts toward My children. Goodness is the attitude of the heart toward others, always seeing beyond the flesh and seeing only the spirit which has the longing to do good. Goodness is the result of love permeating your entire being, body, soul and spirit. Goodness as a result of My love never takes into account a wrong suffered. Because of My goodness, I never get upset or vindictive when My children join with their spirit enemy, the devil, but I grieve for them because I know that the result of that union will curse them. I go to every possible length to restore them to My goodness. My personality trait of goodness always results in kind acts toward My children. That is because love always gives. My kindness that grows from My love for My children gives mercy, encouragement, guidance, validation, constant forgiveness, gracious actions and blessings from My unending storeroom. My goodness always produces kind actions toward My children. When My Holy Spirit is invited into the lives of My children, because of My goodness, My character trait of kindness is present with resulting kindness toward others. Where there once was selfishness, there is freedom of giving. Where there once was self consciousness there is an open heart toward others. Where there once was hoarding of money, there is generosity. Where there once was pride there is a humble heart with the desire to meet the needs of others. My kindness in My children takes the selfish heart that was always turned inward and reverses its conscious emphasis to the needs of others. Kindness always turns a person’s thoughts outward instead of being inward and only being conscious of your own needs. Then kindness is eager to meet the needs of the needy. That is a result of doing what I promised, that I would give My children a heart of flesh instead of a heart of stone. Kindness is always active, giving to meet the needs of others, whether physical, emotional or spiritual. I gave My Son out of the kindness and goodness of My heart. I gave My Holy Spirit to My children out of the kindness of My heart because I knew that they needed My power inside of them to defeat the works of the devil in their lives. Through Jesus and through Paul I told My children that their actions toward others must always be kind. Remember that Paul’s previous actions toward others before knowing Me were to injure and kill them. He is a good model of My kindness toward someone. My kindness toward him produced his kindness toward others. Both Jesus and Paul taught you to love your enemies, to do good to everyone and your reward will be great. They taught to never return evil for evil but to always return good for evil. Jesus said that when you do kind actions toward others that you show that you are My child because I am kind to the unthankful and the ones who do evil. Your Kind and Loving Father Ezekiel 11:19-20; Matthew 6:27-39; Romans 12:10-21; I Corinthians 13:4-7; Galatians 5:22

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Dear One, In the beginning of the world, after I created it and said everything about it was good, according to My personality of always doing good, I told the first man not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. I was talking about not listening to and obeying the evil one who always mixes a little good with his evil temptations so as to deceive My children. Those temptations are never complete evil or you would immediately refuse them. They are logical as well as deceptive. After the first man refused My advice and allowed the evil spirit into the world to tempt people and through his temptations destroy My children, then there was the choice BETWEEN complete good from My family and complete evil from the family of the devil. My advice and guidance to My children continued to be good, always leading to a beneficial result. I instructed them that there were evil temptations always lurking in the darkness to rob them of My abundant life but I also taught them that My guidance is always at the forefront of their choices, the choice to always do what My guidance led them to do. I told them that they had the choice BETWEEN good and evil. Remember that My original instructions were to avoid the temptation to listen to the voice of good AND evil which was satan’s deception, mixing good with the evil that is his true personality. But I cautioned My children that they have a choice BETWEEN good and evil, BETWEEN life and death, BETWEEN blessings and curses. I told them to always choose good because the benefits of choosing My goodness will bless them in every area of life, but the curses that come from choosing evil over good will always lead to destruction emotionally, spiritually and physically. The benefits of choosing My goodness are magnificent. They are exhilarating, thrilling, exciting, peaceful, glorious and fulfilling Even if My children choose evil thoughts over My good ones and reap evil activity in their lives, My goodness is still available for them to turn from their proclivity to choose evil and return to Me, again receiving the benefits of My goodness. My goodness understands. That is why I am so forgiving and eager to restore My children to My life, because I understand. While on the cross Jesus suffered the evilness of the devil in every area and He went to hell for your obedience to his temptations. But He defeated the works of the devil in hell and rose from the dead, came back to My heaven, and sent My Spirit, who empowered Him, into the earth to be received by My children. With My Spirit in you, you can always choose good INSTEAD of choosing evil. My children who choose to receive My power are able to defeat evil in every form, discerning BETWEEN good and evil and using My power to defeat evil. With My Holy Spirit inside of you, you have the power to refuse his temptations and also the power to defeat his works in your life and in the lives of others through the authoritative words of My Spirit. You can return your portion of the earth to always being good, as in the beginning. Your Loving Father Genesis 2:17; 3:5; Deuteronomy 30:15-16; Acts 1:5-8. RESTORE THE EARTH song Go forth into the earth and produce more of your kind. Restore the earth, my blessed chlld, for the earth is thine. For the earth has long awaited the revealing of My sons That it might be released from bondage And be blessed with you as One. Romans I: 1-38

Monday, November 10, 2014


Dear One, The songwriter David knew that I only do good to My children, even when they have done things diametrically opposed to My advice. He proclaimed that I only do good to My children out of the good pleasure of My own heart. He knew that I would show him how to rebuild what he, himself, had torn down. David knew that it is My good pleasure to give My blessings to My creation. Jesus told My children to seek first My kingdom and that everything will be added to you. Then He instructed all of you not to fear because it is My good pleasure to give you everything that pertains to Me. In saying those words, He let you and all of My children know that I am the giver of all good things and that it is pleasurable to Me to be able to give them to you. It brings Me great joy and delight to give to you all of the benefits of being My child. Paul wrote that even before I created the world, I planned that My children would be holy and blameless before Me because of Jesus and that My will of abundance for you is always out of My good pleasure. He knew that I find great pleasure in giving My good gifts to My children. It is even My good pleasure to let My children know My will toward them which is always to do good. Paul was convinced that it is My will to do good to My children, to grant their requests, to provide for their every need. He even proclaimed that it is My good pleasure to give all of the benefits of My family to My children. Then he went on to say that My children should do all things without murmuring and disputing so that you will be known as My children in the midst of a crooked world. In refusing to murmur you will easily access My benefits. Even when you are murmuring and disputing, My goodness is still given toward you, but it is harder for you to access the blessings of My goodness because of the blockages from your murmuring, disputing, complaining and faultfinding. Paul prayed always for My children that they would keep the avenues clear for the good pleasure of My goodness and your power of faith to deliver My blessings to you. He was grieved that some of My children had left My family and returned to the law of sin and death. My goodness was still toward them but they couldn‘t receive My benefits. Listen to the insights of David, Jesus and Paul that I am good and My mercy toward you endures forever. My goodness and My mercy toward you are because of My love for you. I am love and every facet of My personality is an outgrowth of love. I get more pleasure out of your accessing My gifts than the pleasure you get by receiving them. I always give. I love it when you give out of the good pleasure of your heart. Your gifts to others of compliments, validations of their existence, kind actions, helping to lift them out of despair, providing sustenance in all forms, taking care of the poor, helping captives of depression go free, all of those come from your good pleasure derived from the wells of My good pleasure to give good things. Your Good and Loving Father Psalm 51:17-18; Matthew 7:11; Luke 12:31-32; Ephesians 1:5-9; Philippians 2:13-15; I Thessalonians 1:11-12.

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Dear One, It is because of My goodness toward you that Jesus told you to turn the other check instead of retaliating when someone strikes you, because if you strike back you are liable to inflame the aggressor to the place where he or she kills you. I want you to live the allotted years in the earth that I give to My children. It is because of My goodness toward you that Jesus told you not to return evil for evil but to return good for evil, because if you return evil for evil done to you it only multiplies the power of evil in the situation and you are in danger of losing the things that are precious to you. I don’t want you to allow evil to rob you of your blessings. Return good for evil and you won't be robbed. It is because of My goodness toward you that Jesus told you to forgive anyone who wrongs you instead of holding grudges, because of the healing effects on you of releasing the person and yourself from the effects of hatred and anger. If you do not forgive others, the situations can escalate to killings, maiming, destruction of relationships and spreading more evil in the world which will curse you. I don’t want you to reap the effects of sowing evil in life.
It is because of My goodness toward you that Jesus told you not to judge anyone because, if you do judge, you will be judged also to the same degree. I don’t want you to be judged and hurt by those judgments. I want you only to sow seeds into My garden of forgiveness and blessings so that My blessings will overcome you. I told My children under the first covenant that I made with a nation that if they would hear My words and heed them that everything in their lives would be blessed. I promised blessings in their home, their fields, their families, their animals, their relationships, their crops and on and ever, affecting every area of their lives. So when Jesus later spoke My words, My children under My new covenant with My individual children should heed them so that My goodness toward them will easily be manifested. So much depends upon your goodness toward others, the same as My goodness toward you, so that you can easily receive your spiritual and earthly inheritances which include blessings in every area of your life. It is because of My love and goodness toward you that I sent My Son into the earth to suffer in His flesh the punishment for your wrongdoings and refusal to take My advice which resulted in your being cursed by the devil because you united yourself with him by obeying his temptations. Because of My goodness, instead of punishment for you I sent My Son to take the punishment for you. It is because of My goodness toward you that Jesus and I sent My Holy Spirit into the earth to be received by those who seek Me and My kingdom. He is the facilitator of My gifts to you as well as your payment for any wrongs that you did or will ever do. My Holy Spirit is the Spiritual Power through which I empower you to refuse the temptation to do evil. He guides you into all truth on how to defeat evil. He comforts you with My words when you are in need of comfort. He is My greatest gift to you. Your Good and Loving Father Deuteronomy 28:1-14; John 23:16-17; I John 10:10; Matthew 5:21-26; 38-48; Matthew 7:1-5; I John 2:2-6; John 17:37-39;Acts 2;38-39.
photo:  Janet Loughrey at The Portland Japanese Garden

Saturday, November 8, 2014


Dear One, One of the character trait of your spiritual heritage from Me is goodness. David said in one of his songs that you have a goodly heritage, a heritage that only does good to you and for you because of My good character. He said that a person is blessed who trusts in Me because I am good. I n one of his famous songs David said that My goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life AND you will dwell in My house forever. My goodness is toward you in life and even after the death of your body. Goodness is having desirable qualities and extending those positive traits toward others. It is having thoughts that are beneficial and bestow blessings to everyone. After Adam allowed the devil to enter the world I told My children that they had the choice between good and evil and to always choose good. That meant that they would hear good thoughts from Me and evil thoughts from the devil. Remember that when you add the letter D, for destruction, to the word evil you get the name of the tempter, the devil.

When you choose good and reject evil, you walk in My wonderful blessings because you sow into My garden of good things. My goodness toward you never stops. My goodness is what brings a person to repentance with the desire to change from evil acts to accepting My goodness with all of its wonderful benefits. My goodness is always manifested to you in the form of My blessings. I bless all of My children with My goodness, but the ones who are in unity with Me are able to access all of My blessings. David also said that My loving kindness toward My children is always good according to My tender mercies. He knew My love, My goodness, My kindness and My mercy. Those are My actions toward all of My children. You must meditate on David’s statement until you know the fullness of My goodness toward you. It is because of My goodness toward My children that My mercy is always ready to forgive all mistakes, sins, trespasses and iniquities. It is because of My love and goodness that I sent My Son to be the payment for any acts of evil that My children do in obedience to the temptations of the evil one, the devil. It is My goodness that leads a person to turn from destructive ways and choose to follow My tutoring into the ways of goodness. I told you that you should not fear for it is My good pleasure to give you My kingdom. I delight in giving you every benefit of My life and My kingdom living. It is the good pleasure of My will to extend grace and forgiveness to you. I delight in rescuing you from evil and setting you in My favorite place that is reserved for you where all of My blessings of goodness flood into your life. Circulate My goodness to others and they will want to choose to be My children because they recognize me as being good. My goodness in you always returns good for evil done to you. Your Good and Loving Father Psalm 16;6-11; Psalm 34: Psalm 69:16; Psalm 86:5; Luke 12:32; John 14:27; Ephesians 1:5.

Friday, November 7, 2014


Dear One, Have you wondered why My joy that is a fruit of the indwelling of My Holy Spirit is spoken of as being “unspeakable“? When you experience My joy you know that it is unexplainable. It’s not the result of any outward happy circumstance or any celebration. It is joy that comes from the inside of you and changes your mind from sadness to joy, from sorrow to gladness, from depression to happiness. With joy that is the fruit of My Spirit, that supernatural joy is completely unexplainable because worldly circumstances do not affect it at all. You can be in the most dire of circumstances and My joy will boost you over those events and give you pleasure in knowing that I will change the horrible events into joyful circumstances.

 However, your joy doesn’t depend on outward changes, it depends upon My assurance that the end result will be beneficial to you because of the miracles that I can perform in the affair. Unspeakable means unexplainable, not depending upon any current situation or its circumstances. It does depend upon your having a revelation of My love for you, My loyalty to you because you are My child and the apple of My eye. It also depends upon your knowledge that I have your picture tattooed on the palms of My hands, as Isaiah realized. Joy only depends upon one thing, your intimate knowledge of Me and My goodness, not believing the erroneous lie that I am both evil and good. I am good and My mercy endures forever. That is reason for great joy, the joy that comes from inside of you. The “unspeakable” or unexplainable joy bubbles up from within you because it is the living waters of My Holy Spirit of which Jesus spoke. It comes from My heart to you. Peter commended My children for believing in Jesus without seeing Him and continuing to believe in Me even though they do not see Me. He said that they rejoiced with unspeakable joy and full of glory. So Peter knew that My joy did not depend upon what the human eyes can see but that joy only comes from My indwelling presence inside of them, which is the promise that I made to everyone through the prophet when he said that I would live in them and write My words upon their hearts. That spiritual knowledge, or revelation, is the basis of all the facets of My joy. It is unexplainable, it is not visible to the human eye, it is not dependent upon human circumstances. It is spiritual exuberance which wells up from My Holy Spirit inside of you and chases away all negative aspects of living in a world of dis-ease. Those negative aspects do not affect My joy because it is not governed by outward events. You must learn to enjoy and appreciate the gift of My joy which dwells inside of you. My Holy Spirit is the cistern of joy which exists inside of you. He is the receptacle that holds My joy and distributes it into your mind, emotion and body with His healing presence. I said with joy you would draw those waters out of the wells of salvation. Praises will erupt from your mouth. Your Loving and Joyful Father I Peter 1:8-9; II Corinthians 9:13-15; Jeremiah 31:33-34;I Corinthians 2:9-11; John 7:38-39; Isaiah 49:16.

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Dear One, It is for My mercy to you and to all humanity that you should be joyful and sing songs of praise, being grateful to Me for looking beyond any works of your flesh and only seeing your spirit with its great needs. That is My mercy. I said through Isaiah that I have you tattooed on the palms of each of My hands, so how can I forget you? I said can a nursing mother forget her child or the son of her womb? Even though they may forget their child, I will never forget you because your picture is tattooed on the palms of My hands. I said that even though your destroyers, the devil and his cohorts, makes plans to annihilate you through their devices, I will make them go forth from you and I will save you from their curses. Because of My mercy, I will comfort the afflicted ones and the desolate ones who turn to Me for My comfort and My mercy.

When you do turn to me for My saving power, My promise to you is that I will make your enemies consume themselves. Because of My success in bringing My salving grace to you, all flesh will know because of personal knowledge that I, the Lord, am your Savior, you Redeemer and the Mighty One. If, for no other reason than My mercy, you should be joyful. Joy cannot be contained. It must break forth in thankfulness and praise. Joy is always demonstrative. It is always verbal. It is always flowing out of your inner being in many forms of gratitude. Every one of My prophets have cued My children to sing praises to Me because My mercy endures forever. Every one of them knew that even though they had missed the mark of obedience that My mercy never ceases, that it continues forever. The mercy of a human father does not endure forever. When a child disobeys over and over, a human father will cut off his mercy in an effort for the child to learn something. My mercy is everlasting because I walked in flesh in the person of Jesus and I know experientially the power of the temptations of the devil to seduce you. I know your weakness to yield to temptation. Your disobedience is never an issue to me. When you return to Me for My restoration, you are engulfed with My mercy; and My love restores you. My mercy is everlasting. That is reason to be constantly joyful. Remember that joy will dispel all depression, fear and strife. Joy is strength, so it will defeat any negative human emotion. Strength comes from power. My Holy Spirit power overcomes every obstacle in life and He uses His power which He infuses into you to smother the voices of the enemy and his persistent negative temptations. Joy will silence their voices. You can’t think about your problems and My mercy and love at the same time. With joy draw My healing emotions out of the wells of salvation that are resident inside your own spirit. I have infused them there by My Own Spirit. Your spiritual enemies will fall down at your sides, unable to continue their harassment of you. They hate to hear your praises to me. Your Merciful, Loving Father II Chronicles 20:21; II Chronicles 7:3; I Chronicles 16:41; Psalm 100; Psalm 106:1-12; James 5:11.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Dear One, David is an example of the epitome of joy in My Instruction Book. He knew the power of joy and praise. His songs are probably the most sung and quoted in your assemblies. He knew that joy is an outgrowth of knowing Me and being in unity with Me, but he also knew that joy is an invitation for My glory to be invited into your presence. The admonition to My children to sing praises, dance, and play tambourines is because I take pleasure in My children and I beautify them with salvation and exult them with My glory. He said that the faithful should praise me continually. My glory is evidence of My presence and the presence of My angelic hosts. Our entering into your world can be exacerbated by your joyful songs, your joyful laughter, your joyful exuberance. The reason for that phenomenon is because joy and love are the atmosphere of My heaven and we only manifest ourselves when a like atmosphere is presented to us. Speaking of your woes and misfortunes only summon to you more of the same because of the seed sowing principle. But joyful songs and praise summon to you My goodness and loving kindness because of those seeds that are sown. You either sow to the garden of destruction or you sow to My garden of blessings.

   David even said that when you are joyful, singing praises to Me, that I execute judgment upon your spiritual enemies, the devil and his demons. Being filled with joy happens as a result of the presence of My Holy Spirit in your life. He is forever joyful as I am forever joyful. Your being forever joyful, in response to the Holy Spirit, will further the work which I have appointed for my angels to accomplish, which is to bring salvation to everything that concerns you, your mind, your body, your family, your home and everything that pertains to you. Joy will attract others to you because they want some of the same joy that you have. Despair will reject others because they want no part of your unhappiness. Everyone wants a part of your joy because it comes from My personality. When you are joyful, you are a witness to My character. Peter said that My children who believe will rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory. That presence of joy will invite the fullness of My glory into the situation. As I said, My angels are present in My glory and they are attracted to joy. James said that when My glory is revealed that there is exceeding joy. So, therefore, where there is unspeakable joy, My glory is revealed. Isaiah said to let Me be glorified and that I will appear in your joy. So take his advice and be joyful; then you will experience My glory. My glory will fill your body, the temple of My Holy Spirit, when you choose to be joyful. I am looking for people who will make a joyful noise to Me so that I can also manifest My salvation to them, saving them from all evil, destruction and pain. Your Loving Father Isaiah 149:1-6; Psalm 149: 1-6;I Peter 1:8; Jude 1:24-25; Jude 1:24-25. Nehemiah 8:10.

Monday, November 3, 2014

JOY IS STRENGTH - November 3, 2014

Dear One, We have studied about peace and how Jesus said that He gave peace to His disciples after He was resurrected and came back to live with Me. He said that they would have peace in their minds, the same peace that He had because He was sending My Spirit to live in them. You can have perfect peace when your mind is stayed on Me and My goodness toward you. Another facet of my personality that I give to you in the person of the Holy Spirit is My joy. Joy is an outgrowth of the indwelling of My Spirit and it was called fruit by Paul. Fruit grows on the branches of a tree. My fruit grows on the branches which are attached to the vine, which Jesus called Himself. You are the branches, He is the vine, and so My fruit grows on you. Joy is just as important to the human mind as peace because joy can usher peace into the mind and help produce the mind of Christ. You have experienced when fear and turmoil have begun to settle in your mind that you have chosen to sing songs of joy and, as a result, peace came back into your mind. There is a physiological reason for that. The reason is that when you choose to sing joyful songs, you make the choice to shift from the active area of your brain which has produced fear and you activate the area of the brain which produces joy and happiness.

You have chosen joy instead of sorrow, happiness instead of sadness. You take off sackcloth and ashes and put on the gladness of My Holy Spirit. You have experienced that joyful dancing can replace mourning, giving you My peace in the meantime. Joy is strength. I said that My joy is your strength. There is a power to joy that defeats fear, sorrow, mourning and sadness, Joy has power over the damaging effects of negative emotions. Because joy has power, it is strength to you. It strengthens your emotions, your faith, your peace, your love, your stability and your sound mind. When you dance with joy before Me, as David did, you incorporate your whole body in the activities which are created by joy. When you dance before Me, you do not limit the joy to your mind and voice, you allow it to permeate your body. There are people who have been healed by letting My joy permeate their entire bodies. Joy is strength. Isaiah said that with joy you will draw waters out of the wells of salvation and in that day you will say Praise the Lord. You can use that process as an antidote when fear or sadness attack your mind. Begin to sing joyful praise songs about My goodness and you will activate the part of your mind which draws My joy out of My Spirit who lives inside of your Spirit. The result is that you will begin praising Me instead of praising the negative circumstances of life by giving them first place in your thoughts. You will switch from fear to joy, from mourning to gladness, from sadness to happiness. All of that happens simply because you have chosen joy instead of sadness. Because you have chosen joy, you will have Herculean strength, overcoming negativity in every form. Let My joy be your overcoming power, the strength to overcome every depressing thought. It doesn’t take long to put fear and depression in their places, which is under your feet. With joy you will draw happiness, wisdom, insight, love and peace out of the wells of salvation that reside in the Holy Spirit. He is My power and His power is activated through joy when you choose it. Sing about joy. Sing that joy is your strength until you are empowered with My strength to overcome every dart of the devil. Joy is strength. Choose My joy and be strong. Your Loving and Joyful Father Psalm 81:1-3; Psalm 21:1; Nehemiah 8:10-12; Jeremiah 31;7l Psalm 47:1; Isaiah 12:3-6; Luke 2:10; John 15:11-13; John 16:22-25.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

GIFT OF PEACE - Nov. 2, 2014

Dear One, Jesus, the Prince of Peace, said before He left the earth that He gave you His peace. So peace is a gift given to you by My Son Jesus. A person must personally receive a gift before it is his or her own. You must receive My gift of peace before you can enjoy it. My peace comes to you in the person of My Holy Spirit, who is the One who gave such peace to Jesus that He would be called the Prince of Peace. When Jesus left the earth, to all who would receive Him He sent the gift of My Holy Spirit whose character is peace, just like My character and the character of Jesus are peace. “Peace on earth, good will towards men," was the proclamation of the angels when they announced the birth of Jesus. So what happened to peace in the earth?

The same thing that happens to all of My children, they fall for the mental tricks of the enemy and lose their peace. When I said that the enemy comes to rob, kill and destroy, I was talking about the devil stealing your peace by giving you thoughts of strife, hurt feelings, anger, rebellion, selfishness, competition, dissension, disgust and conflict. Your peace goes out the window when you entertain those thoughts that the robber puts in your mind. Those thoughts will tempt you to defend yourself by doing evil to others who do evil to you, striking someone who strikes you, hold grudges, become envious and judge others. When you keep his thoughts in your mind for very long, you will lose your peace that I gave to you. You will have turmoil instead of peace and hatred instead of love. You will be robbed of your peace which was a gift from Me. Regaining your peace, which was a valuable gift from Me to you, is easy. I only ask that you return to Me, reject the thoughts of evil which seduced you, and meditate upon My goodness toward you. Meditate on the peace that My Holy Spirit gives to you rather than hatching the evil thoughts of turmoil which came from the robber of your peace. I never withdraw My peace from you. You only lose your peace by believing the thoughts of strife which invade your mind, meditating on them and allowing them to become actions of evil toward others. My Son died so that you might have unshakable peace. He told you not to LET your heart be troubled and not to LET it be afraid. When a thought comes to your mind that suggests strife in any form, immediately submit your mind to Me, resist that thought and it will flee from you. Speak My promises and your confidence in Me. Recognize when fear, anger or strife enter your mind that they are not from Me and immediately speak your confidence in Me and speak My words that flesh and blood are not your enemy but the author of the temptation is your enemy. When you make peace with others, refusing to return evil for evil, refusing to judge others and also forgiving easily, then peace will rule in your heart and you will be called My child because you sow peace in the earth. Your Loving Father John 14:27-31; Galatians 5:13-25. Matthew 2:13-14; Colossians 2:19-23. .

Saturday, November 1, 2014

LET PEACE RULE - Nov. 1, 2914

Dear One, You were called to live peacefully with others and you were called to have peace in your mind. When you are in harmony with others, you have peace in your mind. You were called to be My child with the ministry of peace. Blessed are the peacemakers for they are called My children. The people who sow strife between people are cursed because they are not personifying My characteristics but are being used by the devil for his purposes and they will inherit his curses.

I told My children to PUT ON compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, patience, forbearance for others, forgiveness and love which binds everything together in perfect harmony. I emphasized that admonition when I followed it with the advice to LET My peace RULE in your minds because you were called to harmony. I cautioned you to be thankful for My peace. I don’t leave you without the how-to when I advise you about a certain key to My kingdom. I gave you the how-to about peace ruling your mind when I said to let the word of Christ dwell richly and abundantly in you in all His wisdom. You may need to review His wisdom when he first taught about not judging, forgiving others, turning the other cheek and overcoming evil with good. I also said you can bring peace to your mind by singing songs with thankfulness in your heart for My blessings. Through forgiveness and love, you are LETTING My peace rule your mind. Remember that when you are “letting” something happen you are using your own will to choose the good things. So letting peace rule your mind is your choice to make, using My power to calm the raging storms which captivate your mind. You can learn to switch the channels of your mind to My words and the words of Jesus which all teach to bring yourself into harmony with all people. Blessings will abound for you. Your Peace Loving Father Colossians 3:12-19; Matthew 5:21-26; Matthew 5:38-48; Matthew 7:1-2; Matthew 5:9.