Sunday, June 1, 2008


Dear One,
Regret should not be part of the mental process of a faith powered person.
Regret indicates a failure of one's self, a failure of another person or a perceived failure by Me.
Regret does not leave the door of life open for restoration. Regret immobilizes you at a place in the past, it freezes you in that particular time, and it does not give occasion for Me and My helpers to restore, reconstruct and redeem.
Why would a person want to be stuck in the clutches of a failure, either real or imagined? It's like getting stuck in quick sand without any hope of getting out. That is what regret does, it begins to slowly swallow you up until there is no breath, no life, no hope of getting out.
Faith says that I can bring good to anything, any mistakes, any failures, any broken promises, any lies, anything and everything instigated by evil or bad choices.
Satan is the father of regret but I am the Father of restoration.
Choose who your Father is, the one who caused you to be slowly smothered in quick sand, or the One who can catapult you out of every bad situation or mistake by redesigning your future for you.
Remember that faith is power and power can move mountains.
Regretting is regressing. It is to have distress of mind. It is fruitless longing.
Everything I do is fruitful and productive and encouraging. Chose redemption and leave regret to the devil.
Love, God
Joel 2:25-32
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