Monday, June 16, 2008


Dear One,
Remember that your imagination can be used by the evil one to force you into fear. Images of loss, defeat, failure, poverty, death, sickness, abandonment, humiliation and distress are all tools of his to introduce fear into your mind. When he can get you into fear he can bring the things imagined into being because of your agreement with him and your belief that the things imagined will happen.
Also remember that I can use your imagination to guide you into faith. I can give you images of success, prosperity, health, acceptance, happiness and restoration. Then you can be in agreement with Me by your belief that the things imagined will happen. I use your imagination by giving you visions and dreams of positive images.
Don't let negative images occupy space in your mind. When they begin to form in your mind use your spiritual prayers to attack the images until you have caused them to be replaced by My positive images. Those are called redeemed images, images which have been recovered from the evil one and reworked by My Spirit into My plans for the situation. That is all done by the renewing of the mind.
Cooperate with Me and live happily.
Love, God
Romans 12:2
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