Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Mr. Allen and I enjoy a life of peace and joy

Dear One,
Defeat should not even be in your vocabulary.
Defeat is a "D" word like depression, default, disease, disgust, deprive, deprave, derange, degrade, deface and deceive. All are negative words depicting negative events.
The "D" words that should be in your vocabulary are determination and deliverance.. That is what I desire for you, that you be determined to get complete deliverance from the devil who came to rob and steal from you.
I always planned and hoped that My children would make the right decisions in choosing between defeat and deliverance. You must realize that the choice, the determination, is the only thing required of you because I supply the ways and means for deliverance after you have determined that you will have it, that it will be your goal.
You can determine to get deliverance from negative thoughts, negative words, from habits that defeat and enslave you, from actions that hurt others, from all the works of evil.
Choose determination and deliverance, not death and defeat.
Once you choose deliverance you choose the abundant life which is characterized by joy, love, peace and healing in all areas of life.
Love, God
I John 3:8;John 10:10

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