Monday, June 9, 2008


Dear One,

When fear strikes, it literally strikes you in the gut, in the mid section like a blow from a fist.
Fear attacks the mind simultaneously as it strikes a blow in the area of the heart so as to paralyze the heart and the spirit and the mind of a person.
The evil one, the devil, is portrayed as a snake because of the way he uses fear to strike at his victim in an effort to paralyze his victim's heart and mind using poison, just like a snake does, robbing the victim of his life.
Fear is a tool of the devil like poison is a tool of a snake. It is used to paralyze and maim and destroy.
Fear is most often irrational, a product of imagination. Fear is based on an assumption and presumption, not on truth. That is why Truth, when spoken verbally to the fear, will chase every bit of fear away and re-establish My Truth about the situation.
Speak My words of Truth to the fear and watch it slither away like a harmless garden snake.

Love, God
II Timothy 1:7; Matthew 4:4-11

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