Friday, June 13, 2008


chose "this" or "that"

Dear One,
Make every word count.
Make sure every word you speak is positive and uplifting and encouraging and constructive because every word you speak constructs or every word you speak destroys, beginning in the heavens and then affecting things in the earth. So I say again, make every word count for good.
When you live in union with Me, having your mind tuned in to Me, then you will not speak destructive words, you will only speak the words your mind hears Me say.
Remember that I said you will be judged by every word you speak? I did not mean that I would judge you, I meant that there are evil spirits who will take idle, negative words and accept them as your giving them permission to judge you with their destructive powers because you have spoken destructive words. They will ravage everything in your family because you gave your permission with your negativity.
Am I saying that you should weigh every word before you speak it? Yes, if you want everything in your life to be blessed. Begin by cleaning up your thoughts which affect your words and attitudes.
Redeem the negative words you speak by rendering them powerless, retracting them and then replacing them with positive words, enacting positive spirits to work good for you. Apologize to people for all negative, destructive words you have spoken to them.
Make very word you speak count for good and see your life prosper in every way.
Love, God
Matthew 12:37; Matthew 12:36; Philippians 4:8

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