Sunday, June 22, 2008


Dear One,
Faith is natural to man.
Fear is unnatural to man.
When I created man he had My power operating in him. That power was faith.
When satan entered the earth and ministered to man, fear became the power of all men because satan puts it in their minds
Because fear is unnatural to men, it has to come masked as something else, dread, caution, confusion, worry, fretting, all which are acceptable to the logic of men. They're all fear, plain and simple, with different faces.
Because faith is natural to men, when the gift of faith is present men feel no sense of wonder because the feeling is natural and comfortable. They feel that way because their operational power was faith.
My Spirit inside of you brings you back to faith, your original gift of power.
Don't let fear rob you of what I have for you like Job did.
Do the natural thing, have faith. Refuse the unnatural thing, which is fear.
Fear brings torment. Faith brings joy.
Love, God
Book of Job; I John 4:18; Psalm 37:1-7
Chris Ogden sparring on a cliff in Hawaii - no fear

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