Friday, June 20, 2008


Dear One,

Before the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit descended from heaven to live in men to be their leader and guide, I gave My guidance to men through rules and regulations in order to protect them.
For instance, I gave the regulation to keep the Sabbath holy for multiple purposes. Man needs rest from his labors to rejuvenate and regenerate. Another reason for that regulation is that I knew that evil forces would tempt men in authority to dominate and control other men beyond their physical ability to work, enslaving them and breaking down their bodies, causing sickness and spreading disease and other maladies. Every rule and regulation I gave to men were to protect them from evil in one form or another.
All the old laws and rules and regulations should have been taught as guides for the protection of men instead of the measurements of holiness that religion has instigated.
Notice when Jesus spoke He only spoke positive things, guiding men in ways that would free them of religious bindings and evil actions that would defeat them. Jesus taught that love is the fulfillment of all the laws, loving Me and loving others as yourself. He lived it.
Now My Holy Spirit is the personal guide, teacher and leader of all men and He is available to all men to live in them. His job is to teach you all truth and to lead and guide you around evil trappings that will injure you.
Every man in the earth has the privilege of inviting My Holy Spirit into his life and then learn to hear and heed His instructions. Then the man will learn to live in love, joy and abundance.
My Private Tutor, the Holy Spirit, is not expensive for men. The price has already been paid for My gift to all men, the Comforter, Guide, Teacher, Motivator, Leader and Healer. Invite Him in and be comforted, living free of encumbrances.

Love, God
Matthew 22:36-40; John 14:17; John 16;13-1
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