Thursday, June 12, 2008


Dear One,
You put a person under religious laws when you hold him to your expectations, your rules, your requirements, your regulations, your morals, your agendas, your political persuasions or your religious dogmas.
When you hold a person to any of those things, then you begin the downward spiral into judgment. Judgment has its own traps, and its end result is to attract judgment back to you, which will end in your own condemnation and guilt.
When you release a person from your rules, your regulations, your requirements, your morals, your religious dogmas, your political persuasions and your expectations, then you free him from your regulations and you allow him free will just like I allow you free will.
Your children must be guided and directed onto the proper paths, not subjected to sets of rules and regulations. Rules and regulations are given when guidance and direction are neglected. Discipline means that you have made a disciple of a child of the way that you want him to act by demonstrating it over and over again until it's second nature to him.
You will find that the less time a parent spends with his children guiding and directing him, the more rules he will set down to fill in for his neglect of his guidance.
When a person has not been mentored by a thoughtful parent in the social graces and moral actions of his family, he has no good pattern to follow in his actions, so he does things that his lower nature leads him to do or the rule breaking in which his peers engage.
The more time you spend judging another person's actions, the less time you have spent understanding his predicament. That is another way of saying you are judging him by his flesh, not by his spirit.
If you are desiring to get out from under some unpleasant judgments you feel others have of you, check to see if you have judged others and as a result are being judged by the spirit of judgment.
When you find yourself judging others, release them from your judgmental thoughts and the spirit of judgment must release you from his judgment in your life.
When you free others, you become free. It is a spiritual principle.
Love, God
Romans 2:1-3; Matthew 7:1;

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