Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Dear One,
    You must know that there are two spiritual kingdoms which influence actions in the earth, My kingdom of blessings and the devil's kingdom of curses.  That truth is found in My Instruction Book in Genesis 2:15-17; 3:16-19.  My desire was that the first man would not listen to the devil's temptations and yield to them, allowing the devil into the earth to curse all of humanity and also curse the earth.  But, he did, and all of humanity began to be engaged in a war between good and evil, obeying evil temptations from hell on one hand which separate My children from Me and then obeying My guidance from My heaven on the other hand after returning to Me.
     I sent My Son Jesus into the earth to die for the evil attitudes and actions of people because the devil institutes the punishment of destruction for the sins that My children commit, as led by the devil's own temptations.  Jesus paid the price of the devil's judgment by dying for all of My children so that death and destruction would not be in their futures.  Judgment comes from the devil.  Salvation and mercy come from Me.  (John 12:17)
     Jesus and I sent My Holy Spirit into the earth to empower My children with My supernatural power to resist the devil and to have dominion over him and his works in the earth, just like Jesus did.  (I John 3:8)  That is the only means by which people can conquer evil in the earth is with My Holy Spirit's power.  Religious laws cannot do it and philosophies cannot do it.  Only My Holy Spirit can take spiritual authority over the devil and his works because the devil is an evil spirit.  
     The problem is that My children do not realize that the devil works in them, causing them to bring curses upon themselves and the earth through their thoughts and attitudes, words and actions.  Pay attention to this truth:  ATTITUDES ARE THOUGHTS THAT HAVE EMOTIONAL POWER BEHIND THEM.  The power can be the power of love or the power of anger and hatred.  For instance, a person might see someone commit an illegal act and merely think that it is against the law.  BUT, when that observer begins to judge the lawbreaker, condemning the lawbreaker and shaming the lawbreaker, then the observer has passed out of My kingdom of blessings into the devil's kingdom of curses, and curses of some sort will happen to cause destruction in the life of the observer later on.  When the attitude of judgment began to develop in the mind of the observer of the law being broken, the observer had passed from My abundant life into the devil's death and destruction.  The thoughts in the mind of the observer became a demonic attitude of judgment and condemnation, and so the person joined with the devil's kingdom which brings destruction and death.  If the observer of the lawbreaker had instead accepted My attitude of mercy into his or her mind, having thoughts that the law breaker might need food to feed his children or need money for medicine for a sick child, then the observer would remain in My kingdom of love and blessings because he or she refused the evil temptation to judge the lawbreaker.  I said do not judge or you will be judged.  (Matthew 7:1-4)  Remember that it is the devil who tempts you to judge and then judges you with the same judgment, bringing destruction into your life.  
     The observer can maintain an attitude of peace and mercy, but still call the civil authorities to report a crime.  The difference between whether the observer sows seeds into My kingdom of mercy and forgiveness or into the kingdom of judgment and condemnation is his attitude.  Attitudes are powerful.  They are either the demonic power of judgment and condemnation or they are the loving power of mercy and forgiveness from Me.       
    Jesus made it clear when He said that you have heard it said that you should not kill, but He said that when you are angry with anyone that you are in danger of the judgment of the devil.  (Matthew 5:21-26)  When you allow the attitude of anger to enter your mind, you have passed from thoughts and attitudes of mercy and forgiveness, which are from Me, and you have entered into the attitudes of anger, hatred and resentment which are from the devil.  He said that you will be liable for the fires of hell to afflict you if you become angry, and you will have to pay the last penny that you have to the devil's court if you do not settle matters quickly, returning to thoughts of mercy and forgiveness for the lawbreaker.
     You constantly either sow toxic seeds into the devil's kingdom of destruction by accepting his toxic attitudes into your thoughts or you constantly sow beneficial seeds into My kingdom of mercy and forgiveness by accepting My attitudes of peace into your thoughts.  In His teachings on the Beatitudes when He coached you to be of these attitudes, Jesus told you to be meek, pure in heart, merciful, humble, peacemakers, and seekers of righteousness, never returning evil for evil. (Matthew 5:3-11)
     Make peace, mercy and forgiveness the constant attitudes from the power of My love which flows from you and you will always dwell while in the earth in My kingdom of love which overflows with blessings. 
     Your Father Who Forgives All Sins  

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