Friday, December 9, 2016


Dear One
    I said in My description of My character of unconditional love that unconditional love does not take into account a wrong that you suffer. (I Corinthians 13:5)  I do not make a list of naughty and nice thoughts, attitudes and actions which will be read to you at some time, making you account for the bad things that you did to other people.  Doing that is of the devil using the flesh of people, not of My Spirit.     
    Forgiveness means that you never harbor a wrong which has been done to you.  Instead, forgiveness means that you let it go, forgiving it and erasing it from your mind so that you will not be constantly resurrecting it and suffering the wrong action over and over and over again which can result in a flood of negative hormones in your body which will cause diseases.  Forgiveness, as instituted by Me, is beneficial to your mental health and physical health.
     The wrong that you suffered did not originate in the mind of the person who hurt you.  It originated in hell and was concocted by the devil to trap you into either seeking vengeance against the person who injured you or cause you to think about the injurious act constantly until you are either mentally, emotionally or physically ill.  If that happens, then the devil has won and his objective has been accomplished.  If you strike back at the person, then you have multiplied the works of the devil in the earth, giving power to him instead of defeating him.  When you do what I instructed you to do, which is to return good for evil done to you, then you have thwarted the works of the devil and good has overcome the evil that the devil intended to spread in the earth by using you. (Romans 12;19-21) You have the choice between being a manure spreader which curses your world or if you want to be a spreader of peace and love which blesses your world.
      Taking something into account means that you think about it over and over, thinking again and again about what you should have said or what you should do to avenge yourself; either that or reiterating in your own mind what was said or done to hurt you, thus reliving the suffering over and over again.  You either advance My kingdom in the world or you advance the kingdom of hell in the world with your choices.  When you choose to forgive, then you dispense My love and peace into the earth.(John 20:21-23)  When you choose to harbor the injury, you further dispense the devil's evil in the earth.
      The secret to releasing a person instead of retaining his or her action against you is that when you are emotionally, physically or mentally injured that you consider the real culprit, which is the devil.  I said that you never battle against flesh and blood but that your war is with the demons in the spiritual dimension. (Ephesians 6:12-18) Take the offending person's face out of the situation and replace it in your mind with the devil's image as being the offending party.  When you can do that, you will shift the blame from the person to the devil, hating the evil spirit who originated the situation and you will forgive the good person who was used by the devil to suck you into doing his work in the earth by tempting you  to return evil for evil.
      Know your enemy and know that people are never your enemy.  If someone opposes you or injures you in attitude, word or action by doing any manner of evil against you, you must remember that it is not the person but a spiritual being from hell who is trying to tempt you to do further evil in the world, thus bringing curses back upon yourself.  That demon is only using a person to deliver his evil into your life.  The person is only a deliveryman of the evil, not the instigator of it.  (Matthew 5:20-26; 38-48) Do good to the deliveryman and resist the temptation to return evil to him or her, letting the evil fall dead to the earth without accomplishing its evil deeds.
       I know it is a difficult admonition to never return evil for evil done to you.  My Holy Spirit is your strength and power who enables you to only return good for evil done to you.  I never take into account a wrong that a person does and My Spirit  can teach you how to spread the same grace in the world.  Knowing the identity of your enemy is the secret to kingdom living which I want you to have in the world.   
      Peter wrote that I have already given to you everything that is necessary for the abundant life and godliness.   He said that My Holy Spirit's power inside of you is the key. (II Peter 1:1-4) 
      Your Forgiving, Merciful Father  

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