Thursday, December 8, 2016


Dear One,
     In every earthly kingdom people want to be the greatest, the most influential, the most successful, the most powerful and the most revered.   It is the opposite in My kingdom.  In My family I said that the greatest in My family will be the servants of all.  However, there are still many people who, at the behest of the devil, want to be the most important in My family by other means, by domination, by performing more miracles, by prophesying, by ministering to the rich and powerful, by becoming wealthy by human standards at a cost to the poor, or by being politically advanced.  I said that those people would never enter into My kingdom while they live in the earth because the greatest must be a servant of all.
     In the parable told by Jesus about the king who separated the sheep from the goats, He told the people that there are children of mine who will receive their full inheritance prepared for them from the foundation of the world.  (Matthew 25:31-46)  He said that they are the people that when He was hungry that they fed Him, when He was thirsty they gave Him drink, when they were a stranger in their home or country that they took Him in, when He was unclothed they clothed Him, when he was sick they cared for Him, when He was in prison they came to visit Him.  
     They asked Jesus when did they do those things?  Jesus answered them and told them that whatever they do for the least of My children that they do to Me. 
     Jesus even said that the demons who influence people to be selfish, exclusive, selective, or religiously and politically important are the ones who are the goats, tempting people to do the will of the devil in the earth and they will be cast into hell.  Unfortunately, the people who have bound themselves to the devil by refusing to feed the poor, refusing to give drink to the thirsty, refusing to clothe the naked, refusing to accept strangers into their houses and countries, refusing to visit the people in prison and refusing to care for the sick, they will inherit the curses of the devil because they have bound themselves to him.  They will never inherit My kingdom blessings while in the earth because they neglected mercy, compassion, peace and love.
       My children who do all of the things that I instructed them to do out of mercy and compassion are the ones who inherit My kingdom blessings which I stored for them when I created the world.  Those people who don't honor My words will have to inherit the devil's curses because they are bound to him by theology, philosophy, belief and selfishness. (Matthew 5:19-20; Matthew 11:11; Matthew 18:1-5: Matthew 20:25-28)
      Those people who are bound to Me by My fruits of compassion and mercy will portray My character to others in the world and they will be identified as My children, inheritors of My family fortune.  When you serve love, compassion, validation, mercy and affirmation to the poor and the less fortunate, you are praising Me because I live in them.  What you do to the least fortunate people in the world, you do to Me.
       My kingdom living in the earth is opposite from the teachings of the religious and political leaders.  Their teachings and attitudes have always caused My children to become victims of the woes of the devil just like they did in the days when Jesus walked in the earth when He warned about the words and actions of the Pharisees, the scribes, the Sadducees and the hypocrites.  Yet, some of My children follow them down to the pits of hell by binding themselves to their teaching, inheriting their woes while expecting to be important in My family.   The narrow way that leads to kingdom living is to become a servant of all, just like My Son Jesus did.
      Your Father of Multiple Blessings

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