Monday, December 5, 2016


Dear One,
    In your world a person has to have an ID, an identification card, before the person can enjoy the benefits of the city, the country, the nation or an organization. The ID identifies the person as a legal resident of the nation or member of a group.  That ID entitles the person to all of the benefits and privileges that are afforded to them as members of a family, a nation or a society.  Without the ID there is no admittance to functions, no collections of benefits, no ability to own land, no right to vote and other privileges.
     In My family there are family traits which identify My children as belonging to My family so that My distributing agency of angels can deliver to them the benefits of being My children which include a multitude of My blessings, My peace of mind, an abundance of spiritual wisdom, the rest from labors that I promised and life everlasting.  My family traits are no mystery to My children because they are My character traits.  The most important established action that identifies people in the earth as being My children is My unconditional love shown to everyone, the same love with which I love them. (John 13:34) 
     Being without love for everyone, being selective of loving only the people who love you as the publicans and politicians do, loving only those who do what you believe is right, loving only those in your own clubs, your own organizations, your own neighborhoods and your own countries, having disparaging feelings toward the poor, the disadvantaged, the disabled, the ostracized people of your society and the diseased, all of those family traits I.D. you as being children of another father, the devil.  When delivering My family blessings, My angels have to pass over the people who have bound themselves to the devil by being prejudicial and judgmental because those are neither My personality, My character, nor My family traits. (Matthew 7:1-5)
     I do not champion the fact that My angels are unable to bless you when you are divisive, angry, hateful, bitter and filled with strife like your politicians and false religious leaders.  In fact, I grieve because I have taught you otherwise, to be loving, peaceful, merciful, kind, good, patient, faithful, joyful and long suffering with the shortcomings of others. (Ephesians 4;29-32) I have encouraged you to be conformed to My image and I have given to you the power to become the witnesses of My nature in the earth.  The power of My Holy Spirit gives to you My personality and you must endeavor to keep My character traits as your character traits, as your I.D.  Do not be led astray by the demons from hell who wait to invade your mind again and again with characteristics of evil by tempting you to act and react like themselves.  They tempt you in order to disqualify you as a recipient of My blessings just as they were thrown out of My heaven and disqualified to live with Me because of their evil actions.  They want you to be robbed of your inheritance of love and peace just like they were. (James 1:12-27)
       I have asked your before, "Who is your Daddy?"  If I am your Daddy of unconditional Love in the earth, then your actions and reactions will show it and you will be inclusive, exposing those people whom you consider your enemies to My life changing Love which converts them.  When you do, My angels will be able to bless you until your cup runs over. 
       If the devil is your daddy in the earth and you are judgmental, prejudicial, bitter, exclusive, heaping burdens upon people instead of relieving them of their burdens, being divisive, hateful and sowers of discord, then you will inherit what the devil promises which is destruction and death.
      Make sure that you allow My Holy Spirit to produce My personality traits in you of love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, patience and faithfulness.  When those traits of Mine become your identifying traits, then My angels in charge of blessing distribution will joyfully distribute to you an abundance of My benefits.    
     Your inheritance is already set aside for you.  My distributing angels are waiting for you to be identified as My child which only comes by the fruit that you allow to grow on your tree of life.  (Hebrews 1:4; Psalm 91:9-16) 
     A good tree cannot bear bad fruit and a diseased tree cannot bear good fruit.  You are known by your spiritual fruit, identified by your thoughts, attitudes and actions. You are either blessed or cursed because of your spiritual fruit. Allow My personality traits to abound in you and you will find that you are blessed abundantly.  All of My heaven will rejoice with you.
      Your Father of Love and Blessings   

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