Saturday, December 19, 2015


Dear One,  
    Your most powerful enemy is not your neighbor, your family members, a member of another race, religion or culture.  Your most powerful enemy is not the gang member nor the people who live by the sword or gun.  Your most powerful enemy is your own tongue.  When your tongue is joined with satan in negative emotions, speaking destructive words, it is your worse enemy because you are declared justified as My child by your good words and you are condemned by your bad words.  That is what I said through Jesus.  (Matthew 12: 35-37)
    Yes, because you are made in My image with creative abilities, one of the members of your own body is used by the devil against you, either to curse your life and the lives of your family or to bless yourself and your family.  It is your very own tongue.  There is no other way that you bless your own life and the lives of your family members and there is no other way that you and your family members can be cursed except by your very own tongue in your very own mouth.
     My children think that curse words are only the words that include the word damn as well as words which are sexually viewed as being improper.  What you don't realize is that every word which is spoken in anger, wrath, rage, disapproval, strife, division, dissension, disgust and words that are demeaning, demoralizing and distasteful to others are curse words because they cause a negative reaction in the hearers.  Words either build up or they tear down.  They either bless or they curse.  There are no in-between words.
      Because attitudes produce spiritual energy, you are responsible for whatever attitude is produced in the lives of people who hear the words spoken from your mouth.  If your words produce negative attitudes in people, then you have sown seeds in the evil garden of life that produces destruction and those words will come back to curse you as well as the person you intended to curse by your negativity.  If your words are loving, kind, merciful, uplifting, forgiving and gracious, then you have built up and blessed My family and you will be blessed. 
      I wrote through Solomon that life and death are in the power of the tongue.   The words that you speak can bring life to yourself and others or they can bring emotional death to others and to yourself, depending upon whether they are negative words or positive words.   (Proverbs 18:21) Positive words build up and negative words tear down. 
     I said through Solomon that you eat the fruit produced by the fruit of your tongue, either having a blessed life or having a cursed life.  It was from that truth that Jesus said that a good tree brings forth good fruit and a corrupt tree brings forth evil fruit.  (Matthew 7:15-19)  He said that every tree that brings forth evil fruit is cut down by satan and cast into his fire of hell while they live, cursing their lives in every way.  I don't cut anyone down and curse their lives by causing them to speak words which curse themselves.  I always built up, not tear down.  But the devil uses My children against themselves.  The words that he whispers in your ear which are negative in any way will curse you if you speak what he wants you to speak. 
     I use My positive, kind words spoken in your ear and then spoken by you to others to build the abundant life that I promised to My children.  My words that I speak in your mind and then the ones that are spoken by you can only build up the hearers and produce wonderful results.  You are known by your fruits.  If your life is corrupted with bad situations, you must check out your words which you have spoken in the past.  Find where you have cursed yourself or your family by negative words and then begin to only speak positive, loving, kind, gracious words to rebuilt what your tongue, influence by the devil, tore down to your own detriment.  (James 3)
     People are not your problem.  All of your problems come from the devil who uses you and your tongue to curse your own life. (Ephesians 6:10-17)  He tempts you to defend yourself with injurious words and he tempts you to exalt yourself with prideful words while tearing others down in your path of life.  Then he tells you that are justified in your setting on fire hell itself to curse everyone.   The very first teachings by Jesus told you is not ever to defend yourself but if a person offends you that you turn the other cheek to allow the person to offend you another time.  He was saying to never strike back in thought, word or deed because of the creative power that you have. 
      My Spirit said to let me avenge you instead of your avenging yourself.  (Romans 12:19-21)  My Spirit said to overcome evil with good.  It works every time.
      Refrain from lending your tongue to the devil with which he wants to curse you.  The devil wants to use your creative power of your tongue to curse your life.  Lend your tongue to Me and My uplifting words which will bless you and your family.  My words always bless others and yourself.  My words are always kind, loving, merciful, forgiving, gracious and filled with good news.
      Your Father of Love  

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