Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Dear One,
     To be blessed in your life with My goodness toward My children, you must realize that the seeds you sow are the plants you will receive back into your life. Sow to My kingdom of love, peace, joy, goodness, kindness, patience, mercy and faithfulness and you will have like circumstances and situations to come into being in your life. Sow to the kingdom of destruction of strife, anger, division, conflict, bitter words, opposition, domination or political and religious rhetoric, and you will inherit the same circumstance and situations to come into being in your life. It all depends upon the thoughts, attitudes, words and actions you entertain, speak and do. I said by your fruits you will know them.  (Matthew 7:15-20)
     Jesus even described the different grounds upon which My children sow their seeds.  He identified one as being sown by the wayside, one on stony ground, one on thorny ground, one on good ground.  They are the same grounds as those on which My words are sown which yield fruit in season, some not at all, some 30 times more blessings, some 60 times more blessings, some 100 times more blessings.
     My Holy Spirit spoke through Paul that those who sow to their flesh, where the devil tempts them and My children often yield to him, they will not inherit My kingdom of blessings; but those who sow to My kingdom of love will inherit My blessings in every area of their lives.  My Spirit was speaking to Spirit filled, born again people, not unbelievers.  There were those in the body of Christ at the time of that writing who were sowing to the garden of evil but expecting to reap My blessings. My Spirit was cautioning them that it is impossible for them to reap their righteous inheritance if they continued to sow seeds into the garden of destruction.   In fact, He was very emphatic when He said, "Be not deceived," He knew that they were being very frivolous in their thoughts, attitudes, words and actions.  He emphatically said that I am not mocked but what a person sows he will also reap.  He wanted to bring attention to the truth of seed sowing and your  harvest being whatever seeds were sown.(Galatians 6:7-9)
    A sportsman cannot win a game if he temporarily plays on the side of his opponent.  My children cannot win in life, inheriting the promises that I promised to them, if they sow to the other team, the team of evil thoughts, words, attitudes and actions. It is impossible.  I taught again, again, again and again about this truth so that My children would understand the spiritual truth of sowing to My kingdom so that My blessings will flood into their lives.
    It will be to your good for you to arrest every negative thought that invades your mind, cast it into hell, dispensing it before it becomes an attitude because attitudes are emotions which emote either a good feeling or a bad feeling.  Feelings are energy, either good or bad energy, which My children disperse into their world.  Arresting every negative thought and casting it into hell will keep you from performing the negative actions that are imaged in your mind, ones which will curse your life with destruction, which was the object of the devil when he gave you the negative thought.
     I give to My children the power of My Holy Spirit to be able to resist the devil, to tell him "go to hell" when he tempts you.  I said to submit yourself to Me, to resist the devil and he will flee from you.  Capture his evil thoughts when they invade your mind, cast them into hell, as was demonstrated by Jesus.  (James 4:7-9) When you do, you choose My ways instead of his evil ways.
     Your Power Giving Father   

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