Friday, December 11, 2015


Dear One,
     Every state in your nation has different laws.  Every city and county in your state has different municipal laws.  Every country in your world has different laws.  People of different ethnic backgrounds have different view on things, different inherited genes and different programming from youth.  So does that make people of one country, one state, one municipality more holy or more righteous than others? No.
    There are countries whose leaders refuse to go to war with any other country.  It's in the heritage, the background, the ethnic genes.  Because of their refusal to engage in wars, other countries do not challenge them to engage in conflict because it's a well known fact that they will never engage in conflict with any other country.  They are havens for peace. 
    Oh, that My children would be havens of peace and dispensers of peace in the earth.
    There are countries who are eager to go to war with other countries.  It's in the heritage, the background, the ethnic genes.  Because of their eagerness to engage in wars, other countries are eager to challenge them to engage in conflict because they know which countries are prone to be power hunger, wanting to be a world power.  And so it goes on and on and o, instead of peace being the goal of My children, war becomes their goal.  Certain countries are bullies, just like certain people are bullies because their leaders are bullies, wanting to have dominion over other people instead of having dominion over the demonic influences in their lives and in affairs of their countries. The products that bullies receive from the seeds they sow are destruction and death.  They sacrifice their young people to the demon of war and call it patriotism.  It should not be so in the world that I created by My love for all humanity.
    Oh, that My children who call themselves by My name would become havens of peace and dispensers of peace in the earth that I created to be a world of peace.
     Instead of peace increasing in the world when My Son, the Prince of Peace, died for the sins and wars of the people, the devil increased his power over people and over the leaders of countries.  When I prophesied that there would be wars and rumors of wars, I was telling My children that the devil was going to increase his influence and entice people to make more wars.  BUT, with the power of My Holy Spirit, I gave to My true children the instructions and the power to eradicate war from their lives, from their families, from their states, from their countries, but many refuse because of their love for power over other people instead of using My spiritual power to defeat the devil and his works.  They delight in sacrificing their children to the demon of war to be killed, maimed in body and mind, and as a result living defeated, meaningless lives, all in the name of patriotism.
    Patriotism is not righteousness, as is touted in some political parties in war loving countries.
    My children who make war their aim, killing and maiming My children who are made in My image,  do not know My instructions nor do they know My spiritual power that will defeat the demons who start and propagate wars. They only know the voice of the devil and they obey him.
    My instructions to My children through Jesus, Paul and James were that your citizenship is not even in the earth, but it is in My kingdom of heaven, the spiritual country of peace.  Your battle is never with people but with demonic spirits in the spiritual dimensions around you. Yet my children make war with their local neighbors or their neighbors of other countries, making them their enemies, much to My dismay.
    Peace on earth is My desire for the earth.  Make it your desire, keep peace with everyone, and live the abundant life that I promised.
    Your Peace Loving Father 

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