Thursday, February 16, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    When you are born of the Spirit, baptized in the Holy Spirit and speak that you are My child, people begin watching you to see what will be your actions and reactions to unusual, stressful situations in order for them to assess whether My power in your life is real or not.  Yes, they are watching you.  Rightfully so, because My new life in you begins to show immediately, changing your thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions taken to reflect My life that is inside of you.  My Spirit begins to reprogram your mind, transforming it into the mind that was in Christ Jesus who only did what He saw Me do spiritually and only spoke what He heard Me say in His thoughts. Oh, that My children would do that, only say and do what I have instructed them to do.  If they did, the whole world would be transformed into heaven on earth.
    The problem is that My children are still tempted by the thoughts of the old life with the voice of the devil and, even though they have the power to refuse the temptations, they yield to them and go right back to occasionally doing the will of their former father, the devil.  They obey his temptations that come from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil where the devil mixes a little truth with a lot of evil in your thoughts with which to deceive you.  You yield to the old, familiar voice and begin to spread the fruit of the old, evil life again.  When that happens, the people who are watching you to assess whether My power in your life is real or not will think, "Yeah, that's what I thought, it was only an imaginary change, not a real change.  God is not real."  That is a logical conclusion to which people might come.  That is what I meant when I said that you will know them by your fruits. I said that the good tree brings forth good fruit and the evil tree brings forth evil fruit.  (Matthew 7:16-20)
   When I give you My Holy Spirit to live inside of you, you have the power to refuse evil temptations and you have the power of reception to hear My voice of guidance, which is My voice of the tree of life. (John 14:15-17; John 15:26-27; John 16:13-14) Jesus said that you will "bear witness" or bear the fruit of My Son Jesus in your body.  He said that people will see your good works and glorify Me.  They don't glorify you.  They glorify Me because you have professed to be My child. (Matthew 5:16)  They know that you don't have the human ability to effect a dramatic change, so only I can be glorified and given credit for the change.  In seeing your good fruit, which are the evidence of My indwelling Holy Spirit, all credit is given to Me and My Holy Spirit.
    Yes, others are watching you.  You must be diligent to only have ripe, sweet, merciful, loving, patient, good and joyful fruit growing on you.
   When you bear witness of the character of the devil in your body by yielding to his temptations, then the evil fruit is not only an embarrassment to you, but it is an embarrassment to Me and to My name.  My name is maligned in the earth, not by the devil's children who display evil fruit, but My name is maligned and cursed in the earth by My own children who have yielded to the devil and are displaying evil fruit.  My words become of no effect to the people who are watching you, observing your attitudes, listening your words spoken and seeing your actions taken. I am not glorified in the circumstances where My children have yielded to evil.  Instead, My name is maligned.  My words are no longer revered but they are ridiculed because of the rotten fruit displayed by My own children.  The observers of My children are waiting to see sweet, gentle, kind, good, loving fruit instead of the fruit of the former life when you were ruled by the devil.
    Again, other people are watching you to see if your fruit is rotten, filled with sourness and negativity, or if it is sweet, filled with love and positive words.
    Glorify Me in your heart and in the fruit that emerges from your body.
    Your Father of Newness of Life    

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