Monday, February 13, 2017


Dear Child,
   In a team competition, if one player deserts his or her team and joins the opposing team, the name deserter is used.
   In a war, if one soldier deserts his or her army and joins with the opposing  army, the soldier is called a deserter.
   When My children leave the parameters of what My word describes as being My kingdom actions and reactions, he or she is not called a deserter.  He or she is called deceived.  The only way My children can be deceived is if they have not allowed My Holy Spirit to be their tutor and discerner of spirits, alerting them to the evil character of the devil and revealing to them My true character which is all goodness and love.  You must learn the difference between the two.
    If My children are deceived by the devil into joining with him to do his will in the earth, I do not reject My own children.  The problem is that joining with the enemy has dire consequences because he is the destroyer of life and he is the father of death. Joining with him by doing his will, engaging in his bad attitudes, speaking his bitter words and doing his injurious actions to My other children causes you to sow seeds which come back upon you and curse you with the same attitudes, words and actions to which you so willingly yielded, and the devil wins.
  At the basis of the problem is that you don't know Me, your Father of all good things, your protector, your provider and your wise counselor.  You also do not know your enemy, the devil, who is the deceiver, the liar and  the demonic angel of death.   If you truly knew Me, you would not fall for the tricks of the devil and you would use your power to throw his temptations back in his face and then send him to hell.  I forgive you every time, but I cannot erase the consequences of your bad actions when you continue in doing the devil's well in the earth.  
    Maybe you don't know what the devil's will, called sins, are.  You think of them in their most simple form merely just as thoughts which you, yourself, think and you think they are your private thoughts that are powerless.  Yes, they have no power as long as they are in the thought process, but when you meditate upon the thoughts and then your emotions are added to the thoughts, they become attitudes.  If your bad thoughts have been nurtured by you so that they become evil attitudes, that is where the real problem begins because you have yielded to your enemy and he will work you over completely.  Thoughts after thoughts on how to get even with a person who opposes you or thoughts after thoughts on how to hurt a person who has opposed, or thoughts and thoughts of judging someone as inferior you will constantly invade your mind because you have given your mind over to your enemy, the devil.  You have lost the battle and have joined with the deceiver, the liar, and the destroyer.  (John 8:44; Romans 7:14;
II Corinthians 11:3; Luke 6:9)  You need My saving grace to rescue you again, as I have done many times before.  If you are not able to identify your enemy, your life becomes a series of getting lost, being rescued, getting lost, being rescued over and over again.  What a miserable life that is, again and again yielding to the deceiver, inheriting his curses, then calling upon Me to save you and always having to be saved by Me from the clutches of your enemy. 
   My desire for My children is that your allow Me to be your everlasting Father, your Prince of Peace and your Wonderful Counselor who leads you into all truth,  teaches you to know your enemy and teaches you to become intimately acquainted with Me, your Loving Father, so that you will not be deceived. (Isaiah 9:6-7)  I want to lead you onto the paths of righteousness and make you lie down in green pastures and beside still waters.
   Be intimately acquainted with Me in one on one communion with Me where we treasure each other and you learn to immediately identify My voice and you learn also to identify the voice of the devil in his temptations.
   Do not become fooled by the deceiver.  My Holy Spirit can identify him for you.
   Your Father of Truth

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