Monday, February 27, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    As My obedient child who has believed in the good news of eternal salvation, can you say that you actually believe other important words that come out of My mouth and are recorded in My Instruction Book? 
    Can you say that you believe the truth of My teachings through Jesus that you will reap what you sow in the earth?  (Galatians 6:7-10)  In other words, do you not only believe IN Me but do you believe what I say and teach? 
    Do you believe that the divisive, strife filled, injurious words that you speak about others of My children will eventually come back with the same type of judgment upon you? (Matthew 7:1-2)  I said that you are condemned by your negative words and you are blessed by your positive words, yet some of My children continue to defame others, criticize others, judge others, scorn others, bear false witness against others, and speak more destructive words about other people which are not loving and gracious. (Matthew 12:37)  Do you believe what I teach as well as believing IN Me?
    Do you really believe what I said about loving your human enemies, about forgiving them, about doing good to them, about feeding them if they are hungry, giving them water if they are thirsty, about praying for them and blessing them and in doing that you send My angels to minister My peace and goodness to them? (Romans 12:18-21)  If you really do believe My admonition on how to treat the people who oppose you, you will be walking in My Spirit, spreading peace and mercy in the earth.  You will, in turn, reap peace and mercy from others.  Do you really believe what I teach?
   When you realize that it is not people who are persecuting you and injuring you, that at the core of evil actions toward you is the devil, then you can do what I commanded you to do, which is love your human enemies, to do good to them.  What the devil wants to happen is that you will return evil in divisive matters that happen to you and so the devil's evil will be multiplied in the earth through you.  However, when you treat the person with loving actions when he opposes you, then the devil's work through the person is defeated and the devil has to stop tempting the person to injure you physically or emotionally because his strategy didn't win.  Love always wins every battle between good and evil when My children act and react in love.
   The condition of the heart of a person is revealed by his or her words.  My children often blame the devil or blame Me for bad things that happen in their lives when all the time it is their participation with the devil in speaking his defamatory words about others of My children that bring bad situations into their lives.  They might believe IN Me but they don't believe Me when I taught about the power of their words.  (Matthew 7:15-20) 
    For instance, do you really believe what Jesus taught about the keys to My kingdom?  Do you believe the truth that Jesus taught about binding yourself to evil and loosing yourself from evil?  He taught that to whatever or whomever you bind yourself in the earth, whatever social, religious or political philosophy to which you declare allegiance, you have bound yourself to the evil spirits in the spiritual dimension that are behind that philosophy.  He said you know them by their fruits.  When you bind yourself to a social, religious or political philosophy that afflicts evil words or actions upon any of My children, you have bound yourself to inherit the woes of those pawns of the devil.  You have bound yourself to the demons behind the social, religious or political faction and you will reap the evil fruit that has been sown by them in the earth. (Matthew 16:19; Matthew 18:7; Matthew 23:13-16) 
   Do you really believe My words, or do you think that the truths were only for the period when Jesus walked the earth?  They are universal and timeless.  Words never die. (Jeremiah 1: 9-12)  Do you believe that words never die or do you believe that they are without any power?  I said you are justified by your words and you are condemned by the words that you speak, binding yourself either to the trees that bring forth evil fruit in the earth  or binding yourself to the trees that bring forth good fruit in the earth.  Do you really believe that your words determine in what state you live while in the earth, surrounded by either good or evil?   Are those truths part of your belief system?  Believe Me.
    Believing In Me is not enough to inherit My kingdom living while you are in the earth.  Believing every word that proceeds from My mouth, not only believing them but doing what they admonish you to do, will guarantee that you are identified as My child, glorifying Me, and the good seeds that you sow into My family will flood you with love and all good things.  (Matthew 5:16)
   Believe Me and believe everything that I commanded, taught and admonished you to do, and you will live the abundant life that I promised while you live in the earth.  The degree of heaven on earth that you have in your life is dependent upon your believing My words.
   Your Good and Loving Father Whose Pleasure is it To Give You My Kingdom

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