Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    When you are established in My love for you and established in loving others as I love you, then you are a love fountain, overflowing with loving thoughts, loving attitudes, loving words spoken and loving actions.   No longer are you a spreader of negativity, bitterness, anger, discord or strife because you are pouring love into other people, into the world and into the atmosphere.  As a result, your world is a better place and on the way to being redeemed from the curses it has been under since the devil came into it by his deception of Adam.
   Every time you bless someone with My love, you defeat the works of evil in the life of that person and the world benefits.  Every time you do a good deed for  someone who has opposed you, the same thing happens, the life of the person is blessed, he or she becomes more loving and more positive and your world becomes more blessed than cursed because good has defeated evil. 
   Every time you reject a negative, judgmental, depressive and evil thought and send it to hell, you enhance the lives of the rest of humanity because you have defeated evil and promoted My will in the earth.  Everyone and everything in the earth benefits from your loving actions.  Also, My angels cheer your positive actions and minister to you, just like they did with Jesus when He refused the temptations of the devil. (Matthew 4:8-11)   Your loving actions are far more reaching than you realize.  They not only help the recipients of your loving actions, but they help your world heal from the curses placed on it by the devil because My Holy Spirit has defeated evil and My goodness has prevailed. (Genesis 3:17-18; Romans 8:19-27)
    Because My children are so flesh minded with blinders on their eyes that they only see a few feet in front of their eyes, they limit My ability to change things in the earth through them.  You often think that your good actions toward someone will only benefit the person.  If you were to discern the spiritual world around you, you would realize that your good actions actually affect your entire world and the universe because of the defeat of evil and the furtherance of My goodness.  Power is taken away from the devil and enhanced power is given to My family and My kingdom because another battle has been won for our side.  So our entire family is magnified because of it.  The devil's influence is diminished and My family is magnified and glorified in the world. 
     Now that you know this truth, if you will thoroughly digest it you will know the importance of always doing good to others, always being kind to others, even your enemies.  Can you see that your being kind to your fleshly enemies and doing good actions toward them has the power to change the attitudes of the person and give them a new attitude of thankfulness toward you and toward Me?  If you could see into the spiritual dimension around you, you would see the devil's kingdom having to sneak away in shame because My family has prevailed by their doing what I do, blessing those people who curse them and being kind toward their fleshly enemies.  In that atmosphere, My angels are given precedence in the earth to minister to everyone instead of waiting in the shadows for My children to do eventually do something good.
    My children must build up My kingdom in the earth instead of diminishing it by speaking selfish, angry, judgmental, bitter words and doing the same in actions.
    My heaven and your earth is waiting for My children to finally realize who they are, My children with the power to change the earth into a reflection of My heaven.  It will result in bringing heaven into earth in their lives.  Better promises have never been made.
    Your Loving and Faithful Father        

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