Sunday, April 30, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
  Just because your sins, iniquities, trespasses and mistakes are obliterated, removed and blotted out from My sight does not mean that they are invisible to the father of evil, the devil.  Because he is the originator of those actions of his family of evil he does not cancel them out like I do.  I am Love and he is evil.  My Son Jesus already suffered punishment for the sins of the world because I sent Him to earth for that purpose because I am your Father of Love.  But because the devil is the father of destruction and death, he tempts My children to do his evil deeds in the world so that he can punish them by bringing destruction and death into the lives of My children because they have done his evil will.  Only with the power of My Holy Spirit are My children able to resist the temptations and thus escape the consequences of the sins that they commit at the temptation of the devil and his demons. 
    My Holy Spirit gives to My children My power, insight, wisdom and knowledge on how to resist the devil's temptation to do evil and the authoritative power to cast his demons away from themselves and into hell. (Ephesians 1:16-2) Without the power of My Spirit resident in them, My children have no spiritual arsenal or weapons to resist evil temptations to judge others.  Without the power of My Spirit, My children retaliate for evil deeds done to them, they envy others, kill, lie, bear false witness, and become consumed with lust for power, money or sexual perversions,  But with the power of My Spirit they have the power to cast out and send to hell the demons behind those temptations.  
    It is with the power of My Holy Spirit that I created the world. (Genesis 1:1-2)  and it is My Holy Spirit's power that raised Jesus from the dead, defeating the devil in his plans to destroy the world that I created.  (Romans 8:11)  Jesus no longer needed My power when He came to live with Me and so We sent My Holy Spirit into the world to live in My children, giving them My power to destroy all of the works of the devil, just like Jesus did when He ministered My will in the earth.  (I John 3:8-10)
    Religious people judge other people according to someone's adherence to old religious laws and religious people are themselves judged by the devil for doing it. 
   My devoted children forgive all sins, iniquities, trespasses and mistakes because they are My children and that's what I do.  My children do My will in the earth.  If My children fall for the judgmental temptations of the devil who uses religious laws to his advantage, then they put themselves under the will of the evil one and they will themselves be judged by him. (Matthew 7:1-2) 
    If My children refuse to be judgmental of others who commit infractions of religious laws, and if they offer forgiveness instead of judgment, then they release themselves from the devil's consequences that would have come upon them if they had judged.  Forgiveness places My children under My will which is forgiveness of sins.  (Matthew 6:12; John 20: 21-23)  Being judgmental places My children under the devil's will which is to suffer the consequences of sins which are destruction and death.
    The truth is that My children choose to either further My will in the world by obeying My Holy Spirit's guidance or they choose to further the devil's will in the world by obeying his temptations.  It all comes down to that simple scenario, to whom are you devoted, to Me or to the evil one?  You can't be devoted to both good and evil or evil will win.  When you are devoted to love, then you are My children doing My will in the earth.  (I John 3:7-12) I gave an Instruction Book to My children which identifies My righteous characteristics and also identifies the sinful characteristics of the evil one so that My children will not be spiritually ignorant. (Galatians 5:13-25)
    The inheritance of My children who choose to further My will of love, peace, forgiveness, mercy, kindness and goodness in the world will inherit those very treasures into their own lives because they have My Spirit living within them.  It is the presence of My Holy Spirit dwelling inside of My children that qualifies them for inheriting My kingdom of love while they live in the earth and in the world to come.
   Truth is always simple.  My Holy Spirit of Truth reveals all truth to My children who seek Me, seek My kingdom and seek to be My righteousness in the world.
    I rejoice when My children allow My kingdom to be poured into their lives by choosing to do My will. 
    Your Father of Truth and Goodness

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