Sunday, April 23, 2017


My Precious Child,
    Every thought produces an image in your mind, either an image of good intentions or an image of bad intentions.  There are no unintentional images.
    The images in your thoughts are either sent from My heaven to enhance your life or they are sent from hell to rob you of life.  There are no unintentional thoughts.  (Genesis 2:15-18; Genesis 3:1-5)
    If you choose to meditate upon thoughts that are from Me and My heaven, then they will produce joy, peace, loving attitudes, kind attitudes, good emotions and they will signal beneficial hormones to flow from the endocrine system in your body to heal anything that is not in perfect working order.  But, If you choose to meditate upon thoughts that are from the devil from hell, then the evil thoughts produce discord, angry emotions, strife, vanity, selfish attitudes or lustful obsessions, and they signal destructive hormones to flow from the endocrine system in your body to begin to rob you of life by upsetting the balance of health in your body.  Again I say that there are no unintentional thoughts or I would not have told you that you have the choice between good and evil, between blessings and curses.  (Psalm 34:14)
    Not only does the choice that you make between good and evil thoughts affect your health, but they affect your actions toward others.  The evil ones give power to you from hell to do evil and the good thoughts give you My power to do good in relation to other people, your loved ones and even your enemies.  They chart the course of your life.  They call either heaven or hell to work in your life, surrounding you either with My blessings or with the devil's curses. (Genesis 3:13-19)
    I have told My children throughout the history of the earth that they have the choice between good and evil, between blessings and curses.  It all begins in your thoughts, just like it did with Adam, the first man, who chose to be in unity with the father of evil instead of remaining in unity with Me, the Father of Life.  Every one of My children has the choice every second of their lives to choose between good or evil, blessings or curses. 
    I said that if you choose good thoughts and meditate upon them that you will be choosing My blessings and a life of abundance of love and joy but if you choose evil thoughts and meditate upon them that you will be choosing destruction and death to invade your life. 
   My gift to you of My Holy Spirit gives to you My supernatural insight, supernatural wisdom, supernatural discernment and supernatural knowledge in order for you to distinguish between good thoughts and evil thoughts.  Often you keep evil thoughts in your mind for a while but later My Spirit is able to interject His discernment into your mind so that the eyes of your understanding are opened and you recognize the thoughts that were sent to curse your life.  (Matthew 6:25) In that instruction I told you not to take any anxious thought into your mind.  I said don't take it.  In other words, you have the choice whether to take that fearful thought into your mind when it is presented by the devil or you can cast it into hell, not taking it. 
    Your brother Jesus told you that truth many times in that teaching session not to take certain thoughts into your mind when they first present themselves there.   In other words He was saying not to accept those thoughts from hell into your mind because they are sent to cause problems in your life. (Matthew 5:26-33) He went on to say that instead of taking anxious, fearful thoughts from hell int your mind that you must seek My words from My kingdom of righteousness and every good thing will be added to you.  Again Jesus told you not to take any thoughts that are anxious or fearful about tomorrow.  (Matthew 5:34)
    After the coming of My Holy Spirit into the earth, I instructed you through Him that you must wisely cast out such destructive thoughts from your mind and begin to think on things that are beneficial to you, the things that are My will for you, your family and your life on earth.  (II Corinthians 10:5) I said that you are not at war with people but that your warfare is to be used against the demons who tempt you in your thoughts because My weapons are mighty and powerful from for pulling down demonic strongholds.  I am your Loving Father who will supply all of your needs.
    The thoughts that are from Me that you should allow into your mind are peaceful thoughts, loving thoughts, pure thoughts, of a good report, virtuous, thoughts that build up others instead of tearing them down, thoughts that bring joy and peace to you  and to others.  Those thoughts will bring My blessings into your life.  (Philippians 4:6-9) 
    Cursing thoughts are thoughts that persecute people in your mind, judge people, condemn people, belittle people, produce bitter attitudes toward others, exalts yourself above others, wants to destroy the reputations of others, are vengeful toward someone, wants to destroy the good fortune of someone, desires the downfall of someone, are envious or jealous of someone, are anxious about anything and are fearful.   Those thoughts can actually affect the lives of others and definitely sows seeds to your own destruction.
    A blessed life begins in your thoughts by your choosing My words of forgiveness, loving others and blessing others.  A cursed life begins in your thoughts when you choose words from hell, like Adam did, by choosing evil thoughts which are lies from hell sent to deceive you, make you fearful, anxious, and will curse your life.
    I cautioned all of My children to cast down every image in their minds which are contrary to My will for their lives.  Those images invade your mind regularly, thoughts of depression, oppression, judgment, hopelessness and doom.
    It's a matter of choosing between two kingdoms.  (Matthew 6:24) Choose My thoughts that I put into your mind and you will live a life of abundance of peace and joy.  It all involves choosing which thoughts to allow to stay in your mind because the thoughts you choose to stay in your mind will either lead to a life of blessings or a life of destructive curses.
    Thoughts determine the reality in your life, whether you are blessed or whether you are cursed.   Choose My blessings and live a blessed life on earth. You be be known spiritually as My child, one who inherits all of the benefits of My kingdom.
     Your Father of Love and Peace 

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