Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    I would be a cruel father if My promises to you were only for when you die and come to live with Me.  If My promises to you only involved the abundant life when your earthly body dies and you come into My glorious heaven, then I would be a cruel parent to make you wait for your bountiful inheritance.  My instructions to you through the prophets of old and through Jesus Christ and through His disciples were to guarantee your having kingdom living while you still live on the earth. 
   There is no evil in My heaven, so why would I strongly instruct you not to return evil for evil unless it brings good results in your life now?  Why would I tell you not to strike someone who has stricken you if that instruction was for the afterlife?  No one is striking anyone in My heaven or it wouldn't be heaven.  All of My instructions have always been to enhance your life while you live in the earth.
   I am your Good Father who desires that My goodness will be evident in your earthly life so that you will receive your inheritance of the abundant life while you still live in the earth.  Living in heaven with Me eventually is a perk to having a one-on-one relationship with Me while you live in the earth.  Kingdom living while on the earth begins your heavenly existence when you inherit what are the wonderful things that it is My good pleasure to give while you still live in the earth. 
    The way to inherit My kingdom while you live in the earth is for you to be born again of My Holy Spirit, baptized in My Spirit, led by My Spirit and to become transformed into My image as tutored by My Spirit.  In allowing My Holy Spirit to create in you a reflection of My virtuous character, you are recognized by My angelic hosts as My child and they begin their ministry of supplying to you the benefits of being My child and an inheritor of My kingdom.   Your inheritance from Me is not only reserved for you until your own body dies.  It was issued to you when the body of Your Brother Jesus died for you on the cross.  No person receives an inheritance when his own body dies.  The inheritance comes to that person when a relative dies and the will is administered.  It's the same in My family.  Jesus Christ died for the sins of the whole world and then His inheritance for My children was dispersed into the world by My Holy Spirit to those of My children who believe and who are My images in the earth.  There has to be an ID of a person's spiritual family heritage in order to receive My inheritance just like in an earthly reading of a will where inheritances are dispersed.  That is done in order that someone will not sneak in and rob others of their inheritance. 
   My children who allow Me to transform them into My image by their becoming intimately acquainted with Me are immediately ID'd as My children and true inheritors of My spiritual fortune.  The inheritance has been held in trust for My children and at the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ the dispensing of My will began to be implemented as My obedient children gathered and waited for My promise of the Holy Spirit to be delivered to them.  Those people who waited and believed Me were recipients of the first fruits of My inheritance which was the indwelling of My Holy Spirit in their bodies.   Supernatural abilities were witnessed by others as those obedient children of Mine were blessed with spiritual power that was more magnificent than anyone could imagine. (Acts 1:4-8; Acts 2:1-4)
    My Spirit begins His job of creating new personalities within My children who are conformed to My image as was Adam in the beginning before his disobedience in allowing the devil to enter the earth.  The influences of the devil begin to be identified and cast away by My enlightened children who want no more to do with the devil's thoughts, evil attitudes, evil manners of speaking and evil actions.  My children who seek Me and listen to My Spirit take on My character and begin to do My will in the earth as it is in heaven. (Matthew 6:10)  They begin to experience My kingdom blessings of having peace for their minds, peace within their families, peace in their relationships, peace in their work, and health in their bodily functions because there is no strife in their lives.  Peace reigns in their lives because they do My will in their thoughts, attitudes, speaking and actions which rejects any evil temptations of the devil to be in conflict and strife with anyone. (Matthew 5:9)
   Jesus said that when He cast demons out of a person that My kingdom came upon that person.  (Luke 11:20)  It's still the same.  When My children allow My Holy Spirit to cast out the evil demons previously sown in their lives by the devil, then My kingdom comes upon them and My blessings flood into their lives.    
   Cooperating with Me through My Holy Spirit has great rewards.
   You Loving, Generous Father 

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