Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Dear Precious Child,
     You have heard it said that eyes haven't seen, ears haven't heard and neither has it entered into the hearts of people what I have prepared for you and what things are available for My children.  After My Holy Spirit enters into the lives of My children, He wants to reveal that there is nothing that is outside of the scope of knowledge of the benefits available for you and that I will reveal them to you and issue them to you when you learn to be led by My Spirit, pray in My Spirit and develop the light of My character.  (Matthew 5:14-16; John 8:12; John 3:19-21)  There is nothing outside of your right to inherit My kingdom while you live on earth.  (I Corinthians 2:9-12)
    My Spirit knows My thoughts, My intents, My insights, My wisdom, My knowledge, My plans and My strategies for defeating evil in your life and in the world.  He is entrusted with the intricate working of My mind.  There is nothing that is hidden from Him and He hides nothing from My children who diligently seek Me.  He is the Spirit of Truth and truth sets you free from all bondage to evil.  My Spirit is your life source, your spiritual umbilical cord to Me, your helper in every problem that invades your life.  Jesus gave you the model of being a Perfect Son and My Holy Spirit gives you the power to become My child and then teaches you everything that He taught to Jesus. 
    When you are grounded in the knowledge of what a wonderful and powerful gift My Holy Spirit is to you, then you will soar like an eagle over every mundane limitation in the world, being set free from earthly, social, political and emotional bondage and you will walk in peace and love with the power of My Holy Spirit directing your life.   Life will be enjoyed instead of endured.  Life will be celebrated instead of suffered through.  Life will be peaceful instead of your having to live in conflict.  Life will be filled with love instead of hate.  Life will be glorified with light instead of being snuffed out by darkness.  Life will be heaven on earth because you are walking in My Spirit instead of walking in the restrictions and limitations of the world which is ruled by evil.  My strength will be your strength.  My desires will be your desires.  My insights will be your insights.  However, your battles will be My battles so you will not be battle weary.  Instead, you will be victorious by the power that I gave to you, My Holy Spirit.
    While Jesus was ministering, he told the people not to let their hearts be troubled.  He said that they already believed in Me so they must also believe in Him.  Then when He was going to die for the sins of the world and send My Holy Spirit into the lives of My children who love Me, Jesus said the same thing, that the people should not be worried when He left them because He was sending another comforter, My Holy Spirit, to live inside of them to be their guide, their companion, their comforter, their tutor, their strength and their shepherd.  He was saying the same thing, that you believe in Him so you must also believe in the power of My Spirit to lead you into all truth, all wisdom, all knowledge, all insight, all solutions and all peace.  His promise was that My Spirit would live inside of My children instead of merely being alongside of them like He was in Jesus.
    When you are the temple of My Holy Spirit, you are My temple and I am Lord of your life, if you will let Me.  I will elevate you above earthly problems and produce My kingdom living in your life.  Life will be enjoyed and exciting when you hear from My Spirit and are led by Him.  (I Corinthians 5:15-20)  He is your life source.
    I love to see you loving, peaceful, victorious, happy, joyful, grateful and thankful.  You will be when you become sowers of peace and love in your family, in the lives of your acquaintances and in your world.
    Walk with Me in love and love will rise up to meet you. 
    Your Loving Father 

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