Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    You have heard the truth that your thoughts and your prayers travel on the same frequency because thoughts are images of what your will is in a matter.   So if your prayers are for the healing of someone and your thoughts are focused on some negative trait of the person, then your thoughts are not in agreement with your prayers.   In that instance the negative thoughts placed in your mind about the person are in opposition to your prayers for healing for him or her.  Healing is impossible in that scenario because there is division and strife in your attitude toward the person.. 
    The reason that the prayers of Jesus for healing of people were so effective is that He determined to only look on the spirit of every person, never on the negative, fleshly character of the people to whom He ministered.  He saw their needs instead of their offenses.  Jesus knew that the negative actions of the flesh of every person are only negative because of the temptations of the devil, not on the real desires of the spirit of the person who only sees the good in every person because it is influenced by Me. (John 8:15-16)   So you must only look upon the spirit of every person, just as I do, never upon the sins and iniquities of their flesh. 
   My Holy Spirit can train you how to discern the works of the devil in the flesh of someone and teach you how to forgive the real person, which is his or her spirit.  He can train you to choose to see only the needs of spirit of the person just like I do, ignoring the devil's works in the flesh of the other person. 
   One of the gifts of My Holy Spirit is the gift of "discernment," separating the evil deeds of the flesh of a person from the desires and needs of the real spirit of the person.  Unfortunately, the translators in My Book of Instructions to you often translated the word "discernment" into the word judgment, meaning that I judge and condemn you and that you should judge others as My child.  Instead of that erroneous translation, that word judgment should be translated to mean that My Spirit in you will "discern" evil thoughts and deeds as being from the devil and "discern" good thoughts and deeds as being from Me.  Many doctrines of religion are built upon those errors in translation unless you know the derivatives of the original words. 
   When I said for you not to judge people, also that I do not judge people, I meant that I do not condemn and judge people as being evil because I know that the only evil is in their flesh which has not been perfected yet.  Their spirits are perfect toward Me.  That is what I see, their spirits instead of their flesh. 
   My children in the earth often see the flesh of others and then judge the people for the actions of their flesh, condemning the person instead of forgiving him or her of all their sins like I do.  Instead of even seeing the flesh of others, you should look upon the spirits of people where I live, instead of seeing the flesh of people which is constantly being tempted by the devil to have evil thoughts, evil attitudes, speak evil words and do evil actions, having thoughts which are opposed to My desire for My children of love.       
    The way to be more proficient in only looking on the spirit of a person is for you to become gifted, as Jesus was, in the truth of how the devil influences your mind and the minds of others.  When you realize that anything negative about a person that comes to your mind is placed there from hell so as to snare you to judge someone and thus become judged yourself.  It's not only to entice you to judge the actions of the flesh of other people but the temptation is to trick you into also being judged in return by the devil and his demons because you have sown seeds in the garden of evil instead of sowing seeds into My good garden of blessings. 
    There is a great celebration in hell when you yield to the devil's temptations to judge someone because those evil spirits know that the harvest of judgment plants grown from the seeds you sow will grow plants until other people judge you in return.  You never relate your being judged back to your previously judging someone or to a situation in the past where you judged rather than forgave, but it always happens that way.  Judgment begets judgment and forgiveness begets forgiveness.  (Matthew 6: 12; Matthew 7:1-2)
    I judged the devil for wanting to pollute My heaven and I threw him out of My heaven.  After Adam let him into the earth, the devil now wants to judge My children so as to destroy their lives and cause death for them.  One of the weapons of his warfare toward you are to tempt you to judge and condemn others so that you will be judged and condemned in return.   You must allow My Holy Spirit to discern the judging thoughts placed in your mind by the devil so that you will cast them out and  not be judged in return. 
    Ask My Spirit to raise a red flag in your thoughts so that when the red flag is raised as My standard you won't yield to the devil's temptation to judge someone.  Instead, you will cast out that judgmental thought from your mind just like I cast the devil out of My heavenly family so that he wouldn't pollute My heaven.  There is no way he can pollute your life if you will cast out every thought that is opposed to My will for your life, which is a life of love and peace.  (II Corinthians 10:5)  Cast out judging thoughts, thoughts of discord, condemnation, strife, vengeance, division, pride, lying, lust for power, greed and any other thought that is contrary to My desire for your life.
   Make sure that your thoughts and prayers are in unity.  When they are in unity, then I can do super abundantly more than you dare think or imagine because you are being led by My Holy Spirit to love unconditionally.
   Your Father Who Loves You Unconditionally  

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