Thursday, April 20, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    All negative thoughts are cursing thoughts.  They are the ones for which I told you that you must be on the lookout when I called you to be a watchman.  I didn't call you to be a watchmen to look for the sins in the lives of others.  That would lead to judgment of other people which would curse you with judgmental actions boomeranging back on you.  I called you to be a watchman, always being diligent to identify the temptations in your own mind which lead you to be judgmental, condemning, angry, divisive, vengeful, untruthful, vindictive, a liar, an adulterer, obsessive and any mindset which leads you to be self consumed.  Those are the thoughts that come from hell to curse you, leading you into doing the devil's will of doing evil works in the earth instead of doing My will of doing good works in the earth.  (Matthew 6:10)  Doing the devil's will in the earth will bring curses into your life.   Defeating the devil's works will bring blessings into your life.
    My Holy Spirit is constantly infusing My thoughts into your mind, coaching you to do My will in the earth which brings My blessings into your life because you have chosen to be My child by following My instructions instead of being a child of the devil by obeying his temptations.  In the earthly battle between good and evil, there are demons who constantly tempt you which lead you onto the wide path that leads to destruction and there are My thoughts which constantly coach you back onto the narrow road which leads to the abundant life, a life full of My blessings.  As I said many times, choose whom you will serve, your Father of Love or the devil, the father of hatred and turmoil.
    My children are often deceived and even occasionally bewitched by the devil who is constantly seeking whom he may devour.  The tactics of the devil are to either entice you back into your old negative habits or entice you back into religious laws, tempting you to depend upon them instead of upon Me.  I called it being bewitched because My children are deceived by the devil's evil pull toward a life of destruction and they are ignorant of their wrong choice of yielding to the temptation to be pulled back into living a life of the flesh which is filled with curses instead of continuing in the life of the Spirit which is filled with My blessings. (Galatians 3:1-5)
    Always remember that the battle between good and evil always begins in your thoughts.  You are tempted to do evil by tempting thoughts and you are tempted to do good by My good thoughts.  Unfortunately, the devil never announces that he is giving you negative thoughts that so easily slip into your mind.  He is the tempter and the deceiver.  There will be no identification of negative thoughts from the devil as being from hell.  However, when you are led by My Holy Spirit I will discern the negative thoughts for you as being from hell.  It's called My gift of discernment.  I shine My light on the evil thoughts and identify their origin so that you can cast them into hell and be free of them.  (II Corinthians 10:5)  
    I identify the evil thoughts for you but you have to cast them out.  The authority has to come from earth through a human to cast a spirit out. 
   You have the power and the authority.  Use it. 
   You have the discernment of the Holy Spirit.  Believe His identification of evil thoughts as being from hell and then cast the evil thoughts back into hell.  They originated there.  Send them back to where they belong.  Then take My advice and do good to others, loving them as I love you.  My heaven will become evident in your life.
   I assist you by giving you the power to cast out demons.  It should be no problem for you to cast evil thoughts back into hell.  Jesus said when he cast out a demon from a person that My kingdom comes upon them.  He was accurate in that knowledge because it's only the devil's works that separate you from Me.  When the evil thoughts are sent to hell, My kingdom comes into your life. (Luke 11:20)
     Be a constant watchman, one who does not need to be ashamed of being deceived by negative thoughts as being powerless.   They are not powerless, they lead to destruction. (Ezekiel 3:17)
     Your Loving, Comforting Father

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