Thursday, March 23, 2017


Dear Precious Child
   Your thoughts control your mind.  Your mind is in control of your mouth and your body.  Your will needs to be in control of your thoughts.  Your thoughts are not your private property.  They are fed by the devil when negativity enters and they are also fed by Me as positive thoughts enter.  Worry and fear come into your mind from the devil and his demons who infuse your thoughts with doom and gloom, condemnation, guilt, evil temptations to do things that will injure you or others, depression, oppression and compulsions. (Matthew 6:25; 31 and 34) When those negative thoughts take over your mind, then they also take over your mouth and your body.  With negative thoughts and words spoken, your health will take a downward turn into sickness or injury.  Your mouth will speak negative, hopeless, depressive words and those words will summon more demons to enter into your life, bringing more curses from hell that will affect your life outwardly as well as inwardly. (Matthew 12:37)
    However, when you entertain My thoughts and keep them in your mind, then positive things will begin to take over your mouth and body.  When My positive thoughts take over your mind and you meditate upon them, then your body will be healed and function properly because beneficial hormones pour into your body.  Then you will begin to speak hope filled words, faith filled words, encouraging words, loving words and more of My angels will be summoned by those positive words to enter into the spiritual atmosphere around you, bringing more of My blessings into your life. 
    Negative words summon negative spirits to curse your life.
    Positive words summon positive spirits to bless your life.  (Deuteronomy 30:11-20) 
    I gave you specific instructions on how to resist and defeat the devil's thoughts that he puts into your mind.  I said to captivate every thought that is not in line with My will in your life of loving others and your being blessed abundantly. (II Corinthians 10:5)  Any thought that is not edifying, positive, encouraging, hopeful, full of faith and love is not of Me and must to cast down into hell.  I even cautioned you to bring into captivity EVERY thought that is not in line with My will because those rogue thoughts are from hell, sent to lead you into authorizing the demons from hell to create the devil's hell in your life.  It all starts with a thought, then becomes an attitude, then a negative word spoken and then destructive actions taken by you.  Then your life is cursed. 
   Every good, loving, hopeful and faithful thought that you place in your mind where negative ones had taken residence previously will produce in your life good attitudes of peace and love, which will cause you to speak loving, positive, hopeful words and will spur you to do good acts of kindness and love. Then your life will be blessed by Me because you have done My will in your life which brought My angels to work my goodness in your life.  (Matthew 6:10)
    Jesus gave you a good example when he said that if someone strikes you in anger that you should not obey the devil's temptation to return evil to that person and hit back.  Instead, Jesus said that you must obey My thought to return good for the evil that was done to you. (Matthew 5:38-44)   When you choose to do My will in the matter, you have activated My angels to act in your behalf and I am glorified.  If you choose to obey the thoughts in your mind to strike the person who struck you, then you activate the demons from hell to flood into your life and bring hell into areas of your life. 
    You must always obey My thoughts in your mind to do good to everyone.   When you, as an act of your will, choose to do My will in every matter, then My kingdom blessings are yours because you have acted as My child.  (Matthew 5:45-48)
    Remember that I told you to bring EVERY thought into captivity to My will, casting out of your mind every thought that does not have the fruit of My character of love in it.  You must be vigilant to let Me be Lord of your mind so that you choose to reject every thought that is not of love, peace, goodness and kindness and so that you choose to do what I commanded in every matter which is to love others as I love you.  Love does not return evil to a person who does evil to you.
    Every time that you cast out of your mind every thought that is not reflective of My love for you and everybody in the world, then you become more confident in the power of My Holy Spirit to instruct you to cast every imagination out of your mind that does not reflect My will of love and peace.  (Philippians 4:5-8)       
     Your will needs to be in control of your thoughts.  Use your own will by making a choice to cast out every thought that is not of My love, peace, goodness and kindness toward you and others.
     Choose My will for your life and live an abundant life because My will for you is that you have an abundant life of love and peace while you live in the earth.
     Take control of your rogue thoughts and you will allow Me to be Lord of your life.
     Your Loving, Peaceful Father

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