Monday, March 20, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   Jesus told you to become perfect in love, even as I am perfect in loving all of My creation.(Matthew 5:43-48) To My children who are imperfect in showing love and the products of love to others, that may seem impossible to achieve.  Those children are still yielding to the programming of the devil, who is the author of unbelief.  I gave you the image of perfect love when I sent Jesus into the world and I gave you the power to become perfect love when I sent My Holy Spirit into the world to transform your mind and body into My image of being perfect in loving others as I love you.  You are well equipped to become perfect in My love and the outgrowths of My love or I would not have asked you to achieve that goal.  (John 13:34-35)
    It is only with supernatural power, the power of My Holy Spirit, that your mind can reject old, familiar judgmental attitudes, old familiar anger, old familiar hatred, old familiar condemnation of people, old familiar prejudices. and instead take on My attitudes of forgiveness, mercy, love, kindness and goodness.  It is impossible without the power of My Holy Spirit, through whom I created the world, for you to love others as I love you.  That is why I waited to instruct My children to love to that high degree until I told them about the coming of My Holy Spirit into their lives.  A person's spirit is his or her character and personality, and My Holy Spirit is My character and personality so He creates My same character and personality in My children who hear My words and obey them.  Until the coming of My Spirit into the lives of My children with His transforming power, the only power to love that was available was to love your neighbor as yourself and to love your enemies as you love your friends and to do to others as you want them to do to you.  Loving to the highest degree includes more than just doing loving acts toward others, it includes an attitude change in your mind of understanding that the devil is behind all injurious acts, injurious words and injurious attitudes.  It includes allowing Me to take the veil off of your eyes which will allow you to see that there is no evil that people do that is not instigated by the devil.
    When a parent in the earth finds out that his or her child has committed a crime at the suggestion or prodding of another person, it is more easily forgiven by the parent because the parent knows that his or her child is not evil at the core but was influenced to commit the crime by a friend who might be thought to be evil to the core.   It is the same in My family.  When a child of mind commits a sin, a transgression, an iniquity or makes a mistake, I know that the person only did it at the behest of the devil who tempted My child in his or her mind and My child did not know that the suggestion to sin came from the devil who speaks to his or her mind. 
    I said that when My Holy Spirit comes into the life of My children that He will identify sin, righteousness and judgment. (Matthew 16:7-11)  My Spirit identifies in your mind the originator of sins, who is the devil.  He identifies righteousness in your mind, which is My personality.  And He explains that all of My judgment is for the devil, not for My children.  When My children allow My Spirit's truth to enter into their minds, He will transform their minds from believing that I judge My children.  He will reveal that I only judge the devil who is the spiritual being who instigates all evil in the world. 
    The sins of My children have already been obliterated and are nonexistent in My mind because of the blood of Jesus which was shed for the remission of all sins. (I John 2:1-2) There is no record book in My heaven that contains your sins.  The only record book is the devil's accusations based on religious laws in the earth which condemn you, judge you and eventually will destroy you.  That is why I said that if you judge others you will be judged and condemned because if you obey the temptation of the devil to judge someone for a sin, transgression, iniquity or mistake, you bind yourself to the devil by doing his will and he judges you also with destructive events in your life and even death. 
    My desire for you is when you see someone do something for which you had previously condemned and judged them for the action at the programming of the devil, with the transforming of your mind by the power of My Holy Spirit you will now be able to display My mercy for the person and forgive the person just like I forgive you, as far as the east is from the west.  That is My mercy, having compassion and forgiveness for everyone who yields to the devil because you know that you also battle against the devil's temptations in your own flesh.  (Psalm 103:12)   If you retain the sins of people at the bidding of the devil, then your sins are also retained by the devil and he will judge you.  If you remit the sins at the bidding of My Holy Spirit, then your sins are also forgiven and the devil has no authority to judge you.  (John 20:21-23; Matthew 6:12)
    Remember that I never judge you.  Also remember that in judging others you authorize the devil to judge you, making your life on earth a living hell.  Only with the power of My Holy Spirit leading you in the ways of righteousness will you be able to have mercy on others and forgive them easily, just as I forgive you, and you will love them with My love, becoming perfect as I am perfect.  I said that you must seek to become rooted and grounded in My love and that when you become Love as I am Love that I will be able to do exceedingly, abundantly more than you dare even ask, think or imagine, according to the power of My Spirit of love and mercy in you.  (Ephesians 3:17-21) That is a huge promise from Me, and it is possible when My love and My mercy are evident in your thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions done toward others.      
    I delight in giving My kingdom of goodness to My children who seek Me with their whole hearts. The more of the keys to My kingdom that you seek, find and obey, the more benefits of My kingdom will flood into your life because you have become like Me in character.(Matthew 6:33; Matthew 16:19)  The transforming of your mind by My Holy Spirit is the master key.  
    Your Father of Compassion and Kindness

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