Saturday, March 25, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   I created the world for My future children because there were no humans on earth then.  When the world was completed, I created My first child, Adam, and I created him in My image, spirit, soul and body, with My personality of love, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, patience, forgiveness, grace, joy and forbearance.  Then I created Eve out of some of Adam's and My attributes and she was also in My image with the same thoughts, attitudes, speaking ability and motivation to do good in the world that I have and that Adam originally had.  Of course they were created in My image because I am their Father. 
   I created them with My Perfect Love and they were perfect love because that is My personality.  For a while We communicated without any interference and I taught them to take care of their world, because I was their Father.  One of the duties of a good father is to teach his children how to avoid evil, so  I taught them to avoid evil, taught them not to listen to the evil words of alien spirits or they would allow the alien spirits to enter into their world.  I told them not to let evil into the kingdom of My children which was their domain because I had created it for My children.  I knew that if they allowed the devil to enter into their world that he would curse the beautiful world that was My gift to them.  I did not want puppets who had no will and no spirit because, if I did, then My children would not be My image with creative abilities.  They were not fearful of Me and readily communed with Me in order to receive My guidance in how to have dominion over their world.  They were not ashamed of their naked bodies. (Genesis 2:25)   
   You know the rest of the story, how Eve was deceived and Adam disobeyed My warnings and invited the devil into the world by their listening to his enticing words in their minds which are temptations to do his will instead of doing My will in their world. (Genesis 1:6)  As a result, their wonderful world and their own bodies were flooded with aspects of the devil's character instead of mine.  I even identified to them the curses that the devil brought into their existence and the evil with which he cursed their world.  My first two children were no longer My images in the world, but became images of the devil's personality.  Fear, lying, irresponsibility and shame were the four attributes of the devil that were immediately manifested in the lives of Adam and Eve after their first communion with the devil. They knew shame for the first time. They covered their bodies with fig leaves.(Genesis 1:7)
   My first two children hid from Me in fear and when I asked Adam why he listened to the devil and allowed evil into his world, Adam blamed Eve.  That curse has continued through generations and men still blame women for their misfortunes.  Eve took responsibility for her actions and confessed to Me that she was beguiled by the devil.  The devil was able to bring his will into the earth and thus bring hell on earth into the lives of My children.  My children began to call good evil and evil good at the leading of the devil.  (Isaiah 5:19-21)
    From that day forth in the world, My children no longer displayed My perfect image in their world, but instead they displayed different aspects of the character of the devil in their lives as well as a very few of My own characteristics and those remaining characteristics were weakened.  I told Adam and Eve that they were cursed and their beautiful, productive world was cursed by the demons they allowed to enter. (Genesis14-19)  
   Throughout the history of the world the curses of the devil in the world caused havoc in every aspect of the lives of My children.  In the fullness of time, after My redemptive plans were completely prophesied into the world, My Son Jesus came into your world legally through being born of a woman, and He displayed My unadulterated image to everyone.  He identified Me as a good Father who wants to bless My children.  My children were formerly programmed by the devil to believe that I was a vengeful king who was eager to kill and destroy people   The devil was successful in programming My children's thoughts to believe that I have evil as My motivations instead of love and goodness.  Their religious leaders furthered the lies of the devil in their teachings. When Jesus ministered My love, My healing, My deliverance and My wisdom to people instead of vengeful anger, guilt, shame and condemnation, the religious leaders began to plan to kill Jesus for His teaching that I am a good Father who forgives the sins of the whole world.
    When Jesus was crucified, died, went to hell for the sins of the whole world, and then rose from the dead, He appeared in the world to many people to show that He was alive and that the devil did not win.  He continued healing the sick, casting out demons and teaching about Me in order to reprogram the minds of My children so that they would do My good works and exemplify My image in the world again. Jesus Christ knew that My children needed His same power in their lives, the power of My Holy Spirit, in order for them to become My image again in the world. After Jesus came back into My heaven to live with Me, Jesus had no need for the power of My Holy Spirit to defeat all the works of the devil because there is no evil in My heaven.  So We sent My magnificent power of My Holy Spirit into the earth to strengthen My children with My power to defeat the devil's work in the earth and to reprogram the minds of My children to perceive My true character and personality so that they would become My images in the world. (I John 3:8)
   Becoming the image of My personality and character are what I want for My children.  I want them to be transformed by the renewing of their minds so that they will know My perfect will in the earth in order that others might see their good works and glorify Me as who I am, their loving Father.  (Romans 12:2; Matthew 5:16)
   My desire is that My children, with the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives, will become My images in the earth so that I can bless them abundantly and they will display My true character and personality in the earth.  To be My witness is to become My image in the world.  That is how I am glorified, by My children becoming My images.
    Your Father of Reflective Love

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