Monday, March 13, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
     When a member of an earthly family dies, there is an official reading by a lawyer of the last will and testament of the deceased which is attended by all family members who hope to be an inheritor listed in the will.  Some members are elated and some are disappointed after it is over.  Very often, certain sons and daughters are left out of the will because of their behavior, their rebellion, their refusal to maintain a relationship with the parent or because their action and reaction choices do not mirror the personality of the parent.  Instead of maintaining a relationship with the family, they chose to fraternize with robbers and thieves who bring havoc upon others. 
    A deceased parent has often only rewarded those children who mirror the values and actions of the family.  The wayward children have the right cellular DNA to be buried in the family plot, but not as an inheritor of the family fortune because the person's actions and reactions deny his or her right to be identified as a family member which qualifies him or her as an inheritor of the family fortune.
    The same thing happens in the spiritual dimension.  Jesus Christ died so that all of My children might be inheritors of an abundant life while they live in the earth and in the world to come.  There is a constant reading of My will and testament, called the New Will and Testament of the Bible, because My words never die and they are never void of production because they accomplish what they are sent to do.  (Jeremiah 1:11-12)   I coach My children constantly by My Holy Spirit and point them to My written will and testament which outlines the behavior that proves My family's character in the world.  It is often called the fruit of My Spirit by My Son Jesus and My Holy Spirit.   Jesus taught about a tree which bears good fruit and a tree that bears rotten fruit.  He said that it is the tree that bears good fruit that inherits My kingdom in the earth.  He even identified the family characteristics  that identify My children, those being love, joy, peace, mercy, goodness, kindness, patience, faith, forbearance and self control.  (Galatians 5:22-23) Those are family traits, My spiritual DNA that identifies My children as who they are, My image in the world.
     I do not disqualify My children from their inheritance.  Because of My Love for you I wrote in My book and I speak by My Spirit many warnings and precautions on how to avoid the temptations of the devil who comes with his words in your thoughts to lead you into joining with him in doing his works in the world.  The plan is to rob you of your family inheritance if he can entice you to join with him in doing his will in the earth which identifies you as his child instead of your being identified as My child by your loving actions toward others.  In disqualifying you from receiving your inheritance, the devil has defeated Me because he has kept you from receiving your inheritance of love which is My pleasure to give to you.
      My children who display My family characteristics and love others as I love them are My true children and they qualify for My family inheritance while they live in the earth.  I do not keep their inheritance from any of My children, but there are children of mine who join with robbers and thieves from hell and those robbers and thieves of the devil do place barriers outside the lives of My children and keep My children from inheriting My kingdom while they live in the earth,  I have forgiven the rebellious children for all of their rebellious actions, but the demonic forces to which they have bound themselves will not allow My angels to deliver their bountiful inheritance to them.  (Matthew 18:18-19)  My last will and testament includes forgiveness of all sins so they qualify for their inheritance as My child, but the refusal of My children to leave behind the actions of the thieves and robbers has placed barriers which block My inheritance from being delivered to them. 
    Some of My children demand that I give them their inheritance because they are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit, perform miracles in My name, speak with tongues of men and angels, give their bodies to be burned and prophesy in My name, but if they do not have unconditional love for everyone, as I do, then they inherit nothing while in this world and are merely like noisy gongs and clanging cymbals. (I Corinthians 13:1-3)  Their actions and reactions do not identify them as My children of love.  Love is the only perfect indicator of My presence in the lives of My children.   I said that faith and hope abide in My children but the greatest is love.  (I Corinthians 13:13)
    So, therefore, My love flowing from Me to you and then through you to others is the only identifying character trait that qualifies you for the family fortune of complete rest for your soul and the peace that comes from knowing Me face to face.  That is why I said that under My last will and testament that My only command is to love others as I love you, which is unconditional love that is not affected by the actions, reactions and behaviors of other people in the earth.  Unconditional love is not affected by offensive religious beliefs, divisive political beliefs or a multitude of sins from others.  (I Corinthian 13:4-13)
    My unconditional love offers forgiveness for all sins, iniquities, mistakes and crimes.  I have unconditional love for you, so as My child you owe unconditional love to others.  (Romans 14:8-10)  When you love others unconditionally, you fulfill the will of Jesus.  (John 13:34-35)
    My family inheritance is being distributed second by second in the earth.  Love for others qualifies you for My full inheritance while you live in the earth and in the world to come. 
    Your Father of Bountiful Goodness  

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