Friday, March 17, 2017


Dear Precious Child
     I am merciful because I understand the war between good and evil.  Jesus walked in flesh and He understands the temptations that are so powerful that they are difficult and almost impossible to resist.  Without the power of My Holy Spirit, who discerns evil and its power, My children are often so deceived that they do not resist the temptations that the devil puts into their minds, and they yield their wills to him.  Sometimes it is even against the better judgment of My children that they yield, but the temptations of the devil are more powerful than their own human wills.  They are deceived by the deceiver. 
    However, with the power of My Holy Spirit, it is possible to discern temptations as being from hell.  My Spirit makes it possible to resist all evil temptations and possible to cast those demons who tempt you out of your life and into the abyss of hell.  When you have My Spirit living inside of you and when you are baptized in My Holy Spirit, you have the strongest, mightiest, most authoritative power available to any person who lives in the earth.  You have My authority to rule over all spiritual beings from hell.  When you have the power of My Spirit living in you, you can speak to the most powerful demonic heads and tell them to leave from you and go into the sea of the spiritual abyss and they have to obey you.  They have no will of their own, so they have to obey your command. (Mark 11:22-24) Only with the power of My Spirit do you have that authority.
     To My children who do not have My Spirit living inside of them, I have great compassion that they must suffer the consequences of yielding to the temptations of the devil.  The compassion comes from My mercy, My understanding that the origin of the sins are the demons who tempt them.  I know that without the presence of the devil in the world that all humans would be guilt free, sin free, transgression free and iniquity free because there would be no evil in which to yield.  They would be pure as snow, just as I am.  In My eyes they already are guilt free because of the sacrificial death of Jesus for them.  He died for the sins of the whole world, so He died for the sins of everyone so that they are free of guilt in My mind. 
     I am not a judge of humans.  The only being I ever judged was satan by My casting him out of My heaven.  Unfortunately, because My children obey the devil, they bind themselves to him and they inherit My judgment of him because they are bound to him by obeying him.  My judgment was never meant for My children, only for the devil.  In My mind, My children are sinless, but in the devil's eyes and in the eyes of civil law they are guilty and worthy of condemnation and judgment.
    Remember that in My eyes My children are completely sinless, white as snow, because Jesus already paid the price for the sins that they commit because of the weakness of their flesh which has no power over evil temptations.  They are guilty in the eyes of civil laws, social laws and religious laws, but they are not guilty in My mind because the price has already been paid by Jesus Christ.  He, who knew no sin, became sin for them.  (II Corinthians 5:21) My children who become lawbreakers suffer at the hands of civil officials, religious officials and political officials because those laws call for punishment, but My children are still pure and white in My mind because I understand the motivation to sin is caused by the devil.  When I look at the spirits of people I see the blood of Jesus which was shed for their sins.  (I John 2:2) I understand the weakness of their flesh and its lack of power to resist temptations and I do not condemn or judge them. 
    Because of this truth, My children who are baptized in My Spirit and know this truth which frees them, they must also in their minds free others who yield to temptations of the devil, must free them from the religious laws which satan uses to curse them. Because My Spirit filled children who know this truth are free from the curses of religious laws, they must also release other people from their own judgment with which the devil tempts them to have for lawbreakers.  They must realize that the guilty one is the devil who tempts and then judges people who yield to his temptations. 
     With the power of My Holy Spirit, My children must also understand, as revealed by their tutor, My Spirit, that other people must not be deemed guilty in the minds of My children just like they are not guilty in My mind because My children know that the devil is the guilty one, not any human being.  The price has been paid by Jesus already in the spiritual world for the punishment of all sins as required by the devil.  Jesus Christ was the payment for the sins of the whole world.  My true children who are spiritual understand this truth and absolve everyone of their sins because there is no record of their sins in My mind. (I Corinthians 2:12-13) The only record of sins is in the mind of the devil, of the civil courts and in the minds of religious people who thrive on judging others. (I Corinthians 3:1)  They will be judged by the same judgment that they judge others.
    Extending mercy, forgiveness and understanding must be an act of the wills of My children, in obedience to My will.  Forgiveness, as an act of your will done many times, will eventually result in your forgiving from your heart, which absolves all people of their sins.  Just as loving others begins as an act of your will and eventually becomes an act of true love from your heart, mercy and forgiveness begins with your being willing to forgive someone without any emotional feeling of forgiveness.  Eventually the act of true forgiveness will come from your heart and you will feel the spiritual emotion of mercy.  You must be willing to forgive first.  When you are willing to forgive, your own sins are forgiven because you have not retained the sins of anyone.  (John 20:22-23; Matthew 6:12)
    Your will is a part of your mental abilities.  You can will to forgive others while your flesh is condemning them.  Continue to choose to forgive others over and over again every day, as many as 70 times 7 times.  (Matthew 18:21-22) When your will is in unity with My will, then forgiveness from the heart will occur eventually when it gets through the layers of human mental programming that says it is okay to judge and condemn.  If you will to forgive, then mercy will emerge from My Spirit who lives in your spirit, giving you My spiritual emotion of mercy.
    The merciful obtain mercy.  Because you are spiritual and understand spiritual things, you must become merciful to everyone and everyone will be merciful to you.  Forgive everyone and you will be forgiven by everyone.
     Your Forgiving, Merciful Father

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