Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Dear One,
    There are intervals in earthly time from your praying to your receiving the wonderful answers to prayers.  Your continuing to believe My promise that I will supply all of your needs according to My riches in glory by Christ Jesus is paramount to your receiving the answer to your prayers.  (Philippians 4:19-20).  Your belief, or faith, is the open door which allows Me to deliver My riches in glory to you in the earth.  Your belief provides the road from your earth to My heaven upon which My blessings flow to you.  Jacob saw it as a staircase upon which My angels ascended and descended and I was at the top of the staircase renewing My promise that I made to Abraham and Isaac.  (Genesis 28:12-13) That is a good picture of My honoring all of the promises that I make to My children and a picture of My delivery angels who are constantly making deliveries from Me to My children who believe. 
   Why is believing in My desire to bless you necessary?   Because there are two kingdoms at work in your earth, My kingdom and the devil's kingdom.  The demons from the evil kingdom are constantly working in your mind with negative thoughts which block My ability to flood your life with blessings. Those negative thoughts are barriers which block My ability to deliver your answers to prayers because you are the authority in the earth, having been given domain in the earth to everything that happens.  Your negative thoughts give permission to the devil to deliver his curses into your life.  Your positive, believing thoughts in Me and My desire to bless you are the delivery route upon which the answers to your prayers come into the earth and into your life. 
    Negative thoughts must be confronted for what they are, thoughts from hell which are sent by the devil to rob you of your blessings.   I told you that when negative situations or circumstances are operating in your life that you should view them as temporary, only minor inconveniences which will eventually pass away if you are walking in My Spirit of love and praying in My Spirit.  I told you to make your mantra, "This, too, shall pass away," in the face of negative circumstances and situations in your life.  Instead, if you look at negative circumstances as permanent, then you have agreed to their existence in your life;  but, if you look at negative situations and circumstances as temporary and in the process of passing away and being replaced by My blessings for you, then you will have what you desire, even more than what you can dare think or imagine.  
    Deeming bad things that are happening as temporary and on the way out of your life will negate your acceptance of them and cause them to eventually exit from your life and be replaced by My blessings for you.
    I said to speak to the mountain and tell it to be removed and cast into the sea.  I was talking about the mountains of doubt and unbelief that the devil places in your mind which block your blessings from flowing into your life.  I said if you speak to the mountain and tell it to be removed that it will be removed.  Every time doubt or unbelief invades your mind, tell that mountain of doubt in your mind to be removed and cast into the abyss.  You can tell unpleasant circumstances that they are temporary and subject to be changed at any minute because I am your Father and I am sending my angels into your life on the road from My heaven to your earth upon which your blessings flow.  Declare to the heavenly kingdoms that I am your Father and that I have promised that you will have the answers to your prayers when you ask for them.  During the time between your petitions being made and your receiving the answers, relate to negative circumstances as temporary and passing away.  Don't see them as permanent or you will be agreeing with the devil to make them permanent.
    When you know Me as your loving Father whose pleasure it is to give to you everything in My kingdom, you have the faith to move those mountains of unbelief out of your mind and you have the belief to speak your faith in Me and My abilities to provide the answers to everything that you ask.  Cast out unbelief and doubt from your mind, then announce your faith in Me to answer your prayers.  Announce it to the heavens, not to people.  When you announce it to the heavens, you are telling the devil that he is defeated and that I have won because you are My child.  When you are announcing faith in Me to the heavens, you are proclaiming to My angels and to Me that you have chosen My ways to be your ways in the earth.  When you do, the delivery process begins and accelerates speedily with the answers to your prayers. (Mark 11:23-24)
    Make sure you are walking in love and forgiveness with everyone.  (Mark 11:25-26) If you are not walking in love, then your words of faith are only the sounds of clanging cymbals and noisy gongs. (I Corithians13:1-3)  Without love and forgiveness for everyone, you inherit nothing.
    Learn about love, forgiveness, belief and faith.  Learn about keeping the road clear from heaven to earth so that I can efficiently send My blessings to you.  I want to flood you with the inheritance that is already yours.  If you desire to have every prayer answered, heed My words and take My advice.  Receiving answers to your prayers depends upon your wisdom in believing Me.
     Your Father of Riches in Glory           

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