Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   Before I spoke the formulas to create the world and humans, I designed the images in My mind.  Thoughts are important to you just as they are to Me.  All creative ability begins in thoughts. When your thoughts agree with My thoughts about something, that is when I can do exceedingly, abundantly more than you can dare think or imagine.  (Ephesians 3:20)  When your thoughts are expectations of My working in your behalf, that is called faith and those thoughts of yours are your will and they multiply My ability to do My good works in your life.  You add your will to My will and good things are established as reality in your life by multiplying the ability of My angels to bring the answer to your prayers.  I said that when your thoughts are according to My Holy Spirit's power, that is where the ability comes that makes the answer to your prayers not just possible but guaranteed.
     When your thoughts are fearful and your expectations are that bad things will happen, then the same spiritual truth happens.  Your fear and unbelief are interpreted in the spiritual dimension that your will is agreeing with the devil's will for your life and so his will is then established in the earth as his demons are dispensed to bring curses into your life.  Under the scenario when fear, unbelief or anger enter your mind, you must spring into action and battle with the demonic principalities and powers of the air who are placing the anger, fear and unbelief into your mind.  Yes, thoughts matter in My ability to answer your prayers.  When thoughts are negative, that is when you must battle with your demonic enemies by praying in My Spirit until the fear and unbelief turn into trust and faith.  You will win the battle if you persist in bombarding the negative thoughts with My words of power that created the world, raised Jesus from the dead, heals the sick, casts out demons and makes you victorious. 
    The battle between good and evil occurs in the minds of My children.  There are no perceived human enemies who have the same amount of power to defeat you in your life that the principalities and powers of the demonic dimension have when they infuse their will into your mind.  Those demonic spirits have deceived My children since the beginning of the earth and they are still in control because My children do not realize that all spiritual battles happen in their minds.  Instead of immediately speaking My will to their thoughts when they are negative and destructive, fearful or angry, My children often yield to those piercing arrows as if they were their own wills. (Ephesians 6:16) When you are praying about a matter or have a need and negative, fearful thoughts come into your mind, why would you think that those are your thoughts when they are opposite to the answers of your prayers?  You are so deceived and the first thing that you begin to do is become angry at a person who has opposed you or you lose hope and become depressed.  A person who has opposed you is not the originator of the negative thoughts or situation.  The devil is. 
    No human person is your enemy.  (Ephesians 6:10-18)  He or she has only been used by your real enemy, the devil, to introduce the negativity from hell into your life.  If you retaliate against the human being, then you have let the real enemy go free and you are an easy target for future mental harassment.  But, if you retaliate against the real enemy, the devil and his demons who are the author of the negative thoughts from hell, if you speak My will to them just like Jesus did, and if you pray in My powerful prayer language of establishing My will in your life, then you are already a winner, victorious against the real enemy.  The events which harassed you will change quickly when you change your thinking from battling human enemies to battling the real instigator of evil, the devil and his demons. 
    The devil wants to create his hell in your life on earth so that you will not allow Me to create My heaven in your life on earth.  The devil does not care where you spend eternity.  The plans for you in his mind are that you agree with his will in your life on earth which is your authorizing him to bring his hell on earth into your life.  The temptations in your mind often convince you to agree with his will for you and when you are deceived and believe the negative thoughts, you leave the protection of My will and My kingdom when you agree with the negative thoughts of fear, unbelief, doubt, anger, wrath and other works from hell.
    Establish My will in every matter when negative things happen in your life.  Speak My words to the devil's negative thoughts and pray in My powerful prayer language in which every word is more powerful than the words in your mind of every demon in hell combined.
    Never battle flesh and blood.  Always realize that your only enemies are spiritual, they are demonic, and they come to your mind to rob, kill and destroy you.  My thoughts in your mind and My words through your mouth in My Holy Spirit's prayer language will defeat the robber every time if you will persist until victory is won.
   I gave you the power.  Use it. ( II Timothy 1:7) 
   Your Powerful Father           

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