Friday, March 3, 2017


Dear Precious One,
    Inside of all of My children, in their spirits, there is a belief system that I put into them when I created people.  That belief system is called mustard seed faith.  Unfortunately, when Adam invited the devil to enter the world and curse him and all of his descendants, the devil put a veil over that seed of faith and all people find it hard to believe that I want to answer all of their prayers.  Fortunately for My obedient children, when My Holy Spirit enters into their lives and then when He baptizes them in My Holy Spirit, the veil over the mustard seed faith is removed and My children have the ability to have faith.  The more My children learn about My love and learn about My power, the more faith for miracles they have. (Matthew 17:19-20; John 14:12-14; Jude 20)
    Sometimes the problem is getting rid of the unbelief that has been fed into your mind by religious teachers who do not personally know Me, do not know My promises, do not know about the power of My Spirit and do not believe that it is My pleasure to give to you My entire kingdom while you live in the earth.  They have been, themselves, taught by other religious teachers who were in bondage to the old covenant laws between Israel and Me. (John 6:45; Romans 10:17)  My covenant with Abraham was that he would have a promised land and that the flesh of My Son would come through his spiritual bloodline of faith.  When that was fulfilled, that covenant was replaced by My covenant of the Holy Spirit, through His living inside of My children who believe Me.  My total salvation works for them.  When My Spirit lives in you, you give me the power to do miracles for you, through you and in you. 
    Being in bondage to the laws of the old covenant is like a man being married to a new wife but he goes back to his old wife to have intercourse which was never productive but only brought diseases and death.  That is the adultery that I hate, going back to told religious laws to establish a relationship with Me when I have given to you My Holy Spirit to live inside of you and lead you into all truth.
    My children must get rid of all prior programming by religious laws that were meant for a particular nation who disobeyed Me at every opportunity.  There is no power in a dead covenant.  There is miraculous power in My Holy Spirit through whom I created the earth, through whom I impregnated faith-filled Mary so that she would bear My Son, through whom I did more miracles so that all of the books in the world could not contain the records of them, through whom I raised My Son from the dead and through whom My promise was made that you would do greater works when My Spirit comes to live in you.  My Holy Spirit is the One who reveals truth, yet many of my children return to the old, dead covenant of religious laws for truth and they cannot get their prayers answered. 
     My children of little faith bypass the giver of new and fresh prophesies, My Holy Spirit, and they look to old covenant prophesies for their guidance.  Those old prophesies have passed away and been fulfilled.  Jesus told you that My Spirit is your guide, not old religious laws. (John 16:12-14) My children need to hear My personal prophesies to them so that they will be endued with My power since faith comes from hearing My active, prophetic words to them about how to live a righteous life, how to defeat the devil in the world and how to access all of the keys to My kingdom.  (Philippians 3:9; John 15:7-12)
    My children need to allow My Holy Spirit to remove the veil of unbelief from the mustard seed faith that is already in them and they need to allow My Spirit to increase their faith by communing with Me regularly for My words of life to minister peace to their minds and build faith in their hearts.  Now that you are the temple of My Holy Spirit, you must honor His presence in your life and depend upon Him to teach you, guide you, protect you, provide for you, reveal My truth to you, give you the keys to My entire kingdom and reveal My love to you.  All of the answers to your prayers reside in Him.
    Your Father Who Lives in You  

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