Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Dear One,
    My children often think that cursing someone is doing what they consider taking My name in vain and damning a person.  First of all, I am not the damner.  The devil is the damner.  His desire is to damn everyone to hell.  It's not My desire.  My desire is to elevate everyone into My kingdom while they live on earth. 
   Another lesson to be learned is that My children can damn a person by speaking opinionated words, causing yourself and others to have hell on earth by your speaking your own judgmental words relating to the opinions or actions of other people.  It's called judgment which reaps judgment. (Matthew 7:1-2) Those words can cause you and other people to have hell on earth by your speaking negatively about someone or to someone. 
   I gave many instructions in My Instruction Book about the power of your tongue, how it either summons My kingdom into action or how it summons the devil's kingdom into action.  David said that his desire was that every thought and every word from his mouth would be acceptable in My sight.  He wanted Me to be the Lord of his mouth as well as his thoughts because he knew that spiritual kingdoms rise and spiritual kingdoms fall at the words spoken from the mouths of My children.  (Psalms 19:9-12) He knew that as their Father I gave to humans dominion over the earth and that every word that they speak has either good or bad effects in their lives and in the lives of the hearers. 
    There are both good and evil spirits who are waiting for instructions from humans so that they can spring into action, even words given in casual conversation. (Matthew 12:35-37)  I said that even your idle words are important to your future and the futures of others. (Matthew 5:37)   I said that even My very own words to My children are what will give discernment to My children because My words caution, instruct, admonish, enlighten and purify My children who heed to them.  To My children who do not heed them, casually regarding them as mere rhetoric without deeming them as being Fatherly advice, they will find themselves walking in the hell on earth that the devil desires.  My advice is given to save you from the evil works of the devil, not given to condemn and judge you.  The devil uses My words to condemn you in your own mind, tempting you to refuse my advice and be your own lord.  He leads you into a cursed life, sometimes cursed by your own mouth.
    The devil says to your mind, "God didn't really mean it when He said that you are cursed by the words of your mouth and you are blessed by the words of your mouth.  That was for the people years ago who worshiped him."  You will think that is your own thought and then you will lessen the importance of your words in the course of your life.  Down the line you will find yourself cursed in some area and wonder what happened.  Jesus said a good tree brings forth good fruit and an evil tree brings forth evil fruit.  He was identifying your thoughts and what they impress you to say.  He was talking also about your words and what they do to your life, either blessing your life or cursing your life.
   I told you in My Book not to let any corrupt, bitter, negative, angry and destructive words proceed from your mouth.  That is very, very specific. (Ephesians 4:29-32)  I didn't tell you that so that I can condemn you if you do speak negative words.  I told you that key to My kingdom so that the words that you speak from your mouth will bring grace, love and mercy to the hearer and the words will summon My kingdom to work in your life and in the lives of the hearers of your words.
   This is one of the most important keys to your having kingdom living in the earth.  You must learn to let Me be Lord of your thoughts and of your words so that your words are always creating good just like Your Father's words are always creating good in the earth.  If you only speak My loving words you will only create the atmosphere of My kingdom in the earth.
   I said that if you do not offend in words that you are a perfect person. (James 3:2) I said in the teaching by My Holy Spirit that your tongue is a fire and it is set on fire by hell.  (James 3:5-6)  I said that My children bless Me but at the same time they curse people by speaking negative words about them or to them, that out of the same mouth comes blessings and curses.  I SAID THIS SHOULD NOT BE SO.  (James 3:9-11)
   I said that your conversation must be of a wise person, one who speaks from My knowledge.  Then I identified from where bitterness and strife come, that those words are devilish and sensual, coming from hell.  I told you that where jealousy and strife are present that every demon from hell is present. (James 3:15-16) 
   Do you really want every demon from hell operating at your will to curse your life?  If not, then you must heed My teaching about the power of your words and you must determine that only words that bring peace to you and to your world will come from your mouth.
   I listed for you the words that bring peace.  They are pure, peaceable, loving, kind, gentle, full of mercy, easy to be followed, without favoritism, without hypocrisy and always producing good fruits.  I said those words will produce righteousness because they are sown in peace and that you will reap peace if you only speak them. (James 3:17-18)
   My instructions to you relating to your words are meant to produce in you a perfect child who can bridle his or her tongue and own body, thus inheriting the good things of My kingdom while you live in the world.
    Because I created your world with My words and you are made in My image, your words create either heaven on earth for you or they create hell on earth for you.  My instructions relating to this important key is paramount to your enjoying the good of the land.  (Matthew 16:19; Matthew 6:33)  Seek the truths of My kingdom and seek that My righteousness will live in you as created by My Holy Spirit, and then all good things will flow into your life.
    Your words create either heaven or hell in your life.  Bridle your tongue and you will enjoy the good life that it is My pleasure to give.
    Your Peace Loving Father                

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