Friday, June 10, 2016


 Dear One,
     The problem in the earth is that My children, the peers of every religious or civil lawbreaker, often join with the devil in declaring someone guilty, prosecuting the person in their thoughts.  Those thoughts are infused into the minds of My children by the devil, using religious, political, social and cultural laws to judge others.  The devil can then judge My own children also for their being spiritual vigilantes.  A vigilante takes the law into his own hands, declaring someone guilty and then punishing the person in his or her thoughts instead of forgiving the lawbreaker for making a wrong choice in obedience to the devil.  The guilty one is the devil every time, not My children.  My children are not guilty because Jesus already died for their actions of yielding to the temptations of the devil, so all are free from guilt in My eyes because of Him.  (John 8:36)
      My children only become guilty themselves when they declare someone else guilty.  (Matthew 7:1-2)  In judging someone, they remove the other person and themselves from My kingdom of grace and forgiveness and put the person and themselves back under the laws of sin and death which always bring death and destruction. (Romans 2:1-4) It is the devil's voice in the thoughts of My children which judges others, placing both themselves and the other person under the laws which bring sin and death again, even after Jesus declared them not guilty and shared My kingdom with them.
     My obedient children who take My advice will immediately declare everyone not guilty of every accusation that the devil brings either to their thoughts or to their minds with accusations from someone else.  "Not guilty," needs to always be your decision toward the injurious, abusive, oppositional actions of others.  Not guilty is My declaration relating to you.  Since you are My child, you owe everyone love and forgiveness.(Romans 13:8-10)
     Jesus said that all have sinned, so therefore everyone is guilty under civil and religious laws; but under My new covenant of mercy and grace, since Jesus died for the sins of the whole world, now everyone is declared not guilty in My mind and in My familly.  Jesus is the payment for all sins ever committed and the advocate of every lawbreaker under My new covenant of love.  It is His voice in your thoughts that declares everyone not guilty since He died so that everyone will be not guilty. You must declare them not guilty, just as He does. 
     Your motivation in forgiving others, just as you are forgiven, is so that you and the person who is being accused by others or in your thoughts will go free from the judgment of hell which is destruction and death.  The result is that you and My other children will have My kingdom living while in the earth. 
     Remember that it is the peers of the accused in a court of law who declares someone guilty or not guilty.  It is the same in My heavenly court of law.  Because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the sins of everyone in the whole world it is you, as My child, who needs to declare everyone not guilty just as I declare them not guilty.  In doing that, you remain free from the judgments from hell because you are not acting as a judgmental child of the devil but you are acting as My child in the earth. (John 20:21-23)
    Your civil courts will continue to judge the flesh of humans in order to separate them from other people and keep them from continuing to injure others, but you are not of this world.  You are My spiritual children who have the authority to declare everyone spiritually not guilty by reason of My forgiveness as far as the courts of heaven.  When you forgive someone for an offense, you remove the person  from your judgment and both of you go free of punishment from hell.
    The only being that I judged was Lucifer whom I cast out of My heaven for his pride.  His desire was to pollute My heaven.  From his kingdom of destruction he entices My children to judge others so that he can judge them and punish them, bringing them under his same judgment that he received from Me. 
    I don't judge.  Only the devil judges My children by enticing them to judge others so that he can suck them into My judgment of him when I cast him out of My heaven.  That is why I said not to yield to the devil's temptation to judge others or you will also be judged by the fires of hell. (Matthew 7:1-6)
    Forgiving everyone yields forgiveness for you because it releases you from the judgments of hell.
    Do not make the sacrifice of Jesus of no effect by judging others, deeming them guilty of making wrong choices.  Forgiving everyone will release both of you from hell's judgment and put you in a position, as My child, to inherit all of My blessings.
    Your Nonjudgmental Father of Love 

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