Monday, June 20, 2016


Dear One,
   The family values as spoken of often by political and religious leaders are not My family values.  Their family values are restrictive, exclusive and unkind by My standards because they judge others by their own rules and regulations.  My family values are love, mercy, peace, goodness, kindness, patience, faithfulness and joy.  Those values are the diamonds, the rubies, the sapphires, the gold and silver of value in My family. (Galatians 5:22-23)
    When My children show My love to religious lawbreakers, the poor, the diseased and the lost instead of judging them, then My true family values are evident in the world.  Religion teaches you to exclude the lawbreakers who are lost and completely separated from My love and your love.  My love teaches you to rescue them and help them find Me, their Father of love for whom they have always longed to have a kind relationship with heavenly benefits.  They don't know that an evil spirit has separated them from Me in an effort to destroy them with his family curses.  (John 12:39-40)  I am pursuing the lost with My whole heart so that I can show to them My love by delivering them from the earthly hell in which they live.  Very often, My children act as through the lawbreakers knew that their yielding to temptations would bring hell into their life instead of bring My kingdom into their lives.  Remember that their eyes are blinded just as yours were at one time.
    One of the jewels of value that I have for My children who are born of My Spirit is the need to have a revelation of the truth of the teaching of Jesus that is explicit in telling them that anger will put them in danger of judgment of the devil.  They use the excuse that they are yielding to righteous anger.  There is no such thing.  Nowhere in the fruit of My Spirit is anger listed as being righteous.  My judgmental children think that if they see someone who is obviously sinning according to their rigid rules and regulations, that they are justified in being angry at the person.  Instead of being angry, My teachings are that you must have mercy and forgive the person, bless the person, do good to the person instead of being angry at the lawbreaker. (Matthew 5:21-26) 
    If you could only see the judgment upon your own body that comes from having angry thoughts and wrathful thoughts, you would immediately put a stop to your toxic thoughts and replace them with My thoughts of forgiveness, love and blessings.  Toxic thoughts are a recipe for eventually killing others and also yourself because of the negative hormones that pour into your body from the release of chemicals from the fight or flight programming that I initiated at the beginning so that you would have the extra adrenaline power to escape from danger.  The devil curses My children by bringing events into their lives to oppose them so that they will get angry and the chemicals that I intended for their good are used to internally kill them, spurred by the devil's temptations to stay angry. 
    The devil knows the weak areas of My children and he will bring people into their lives to make My children angry, causing them to nurse the anger over and over again in their  minds.  The result will be that eventually they will commit suicide by anger because of the negative chemicals that poured into their bodies.  I grieve that My family values of forgiveness were not implemented instead of destructive anger being nourished in their minds which resulted in eventually killing them.  Their eyes are blinded by the devil who taught them to judge others instead of forgive them. 
     Always remember that My family values are forgiving everyone, blessing your enemies, doing good to people who oppose you, making peace with anyone who causes angry emotions to arise in your mind.  Forgive everyone before you are judged by the devil for yielding to his temptation to become angry and vengeful. (Matthew 5:38-48; John 20:21-23)  Jesus said that if you react in anger that you will pay the last price to the devil, which are destruction and death.  Little do My children know that yielding to anger eventually causes suicide by anger. 
     Don't feel guilty and condemned when you get angry.  That is only yielding further to the devil.  Instead, send the demons of anger and guilt to hell where they belong.  They don't belong in your mind to bring destruction and death.  Choose to forgive the person or people with whom you were angry.   To change from being loyal to the devil's anger to being loyal to My forgiveness is called repentance
     Immediate forgiveness for others will result in your having the abundant life that I promised to My children who take My advice and do it.  I am always whispering My family values into your mind to counteract the temptation by the devil to become angry and vengeful.  I bring life.  The devil brings death.  Forgiveness brings life. Anger eventually brings death.
      Your Father of Loving Values   

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