Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Dear One,
     When you relive over and over again in your thoughts an event that was toxic, hurtful, abusive, or when someone has robbed something from you, you will be feeding the monster of anger and it will grow and grow until it destroys you emotionally, physically and spiritually.  That is why I told My children that they must forgive their enemies, so that they will not feed the monster of anger until it overwhelms them.  If they feed the monster instead of forgiving the person, the monster will grow bigger than they are and incorporate their whole bodies with physical diseases or mental illnesses.  My instructions relating to forgiving others are given so that you will have a happy, enjoyable life free from the effects of anger.
      My instructions to My children are never religious tenets given so that I will love you because you have obeyed Me.  They are given so that My children will have My proper parental knowledge and wisdom in order to avoid evil in the earth and live the abundant life for which I created them and for which Jesus Christ died to give them. My wisdom and knowledge are far above your earthly knowledge in effectiveness, so I instituted the compiling of My Instruction Book to outline My Fatherly advice to My family, covering every area of their lives. That is what good fathers do.
     Your Brother Jesus taught about forgiveness many times and then demonstrated the highest level of forgiveness when He asked Me to forgive his killers.  My children act as though forgiveness is merely an afterthought rather than an effective spiritual action that has lasting effects. 
    You have learned that forgiveness means to give forward from you any lingering thoughts of retaliation or vengeance, hurt feelings, bitterness, anger, hatred, division, disgust or any other negative thoughts that persistently come from hell to torment you and rob you of your joy and peace.  Forgiveness means to set up a barrier in your mind to any thoughts of a hurtful event.  Forgiving the person who was at the core of an injurious event means that you no longer carry the burden of the person's anger and abuse, and instead you give the injurious event to Me to handle.  You give Me, your Heavenly Father, the privilege of giving you peace relating to the event also.  (Matthew 6:12)
     Without the images in your mind of the toxic event, there is no monster to feed because you have released it to Me.  You, yourself, are free from anger and the event, so you are free to live unencumbered by a past event that is dead.  It will stay dead if you don't allow it to re-enter your mind.  If it tries, reject it like you would a monster that comes at you physically.  Block it with My words just like Jesus did.  (Matthew 4:3-11)  In reading about Jesus and His battle with the devil, you see that Jesus quoted My words to the monster and it had to leave.  After the monster left, My angels came to minister love and peace to Jesus.
     Unfortunately, the monster of anger is always hungry.  The monster wants you to entertain toxic events in your mind so that you feed it over and over again with more anger which overpowers you instead of your overpowering it.  There are doctors in your earth who are trained in listening to My children when they are helpless in fighting the angry thoughts.  The doctors listen to My children and they give you valuable advice on how to overcome the monster of anger which can eventually become depression.  Seek a doctor of thought management, a psychologist, when the fight becomes too much.  I can speak through doctors just like I can speak through other human beings.  Don't let the matter get out of hand.
When I said to seek and you will find, I was not only talking about seeking Me for answers.  There are times when you need to seek a physical doctor or a mental physician to help you.  I provide them to help My children.
      I created My children to live a life of peace and love.  Jesus died to guarantee it.  The devil comes to rob you of My peace and love.  Stop him at the door of your mind before he bounds into your mind and captures you.
      I am the Father of peace of mind.  (II Timothy 1:7)
      Your Father of Power Against Anger

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