Monday, June 27, 2016


Dear One,
     The reason that I gave the old covenant laws through Moses was to identify sin, the works of the devil.  They were never given to declare a person's righteousness or unrighteousness.  (Romans 3:20-23)  How could they declare anyone righteous since all have sinned and fallen short of My glory?  Everyone who ever lived has yielded to the devil's temptations just like Adam did.  I gave the commandments of old merely to identify the works of evil so that My children would recognize the evil temptations and refuse to obey them.
     Religion came in and made the laws an indication of My acceptance of people, saying that if a person obeys those laws then I accept them as My child.  They were not given to determine your standing with Me because no one can obey all of the laws.  When Jesus came into the world and defeated the devil at every turn, and when believers accept My Spirit's invitation to allow Me to live inside of them, that is when righteousness becomes attainable.  It is only by the presence of My Spirit inside of anyone that makes people righteous by My design. (Romans 3:21-24) It is the power of My Holy Spirit, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead, that gives anyone the supernatural power to hear My voice and take My advice.  The old written laws become null and void when My Spirit comes to live inside of you because My Spirit of discernment identifies to you the temptations of the devil which come in your thoughts. (Romans 3:28) My Spirit gives you the authoritative power to refuse to do the devil's tempting activities when you are attentive to My voice inside of you, casting tempting thoughts of evil into the abyss of hell.
      It is My decision that My children would be the earthly temple of My Holy Spirit that brings great joy to Me and it should be a reason for your greatest joy.  In carrying out My mysterious plan, I was able to make all of My children free from the works of the devil and to become righteous in My eyes.  I infuse with power My children who will agree to be My earthly temples.  They have supernatural power that they had never experienced which accomplishes in them what the written laws could never do. (Acts 1:2-8)  They have access to Me, one on one. because I live in them.  Their joy is full to overflowing!
     My kingdom becomes part of their lives and they are filled with My love. The written laws could never accomplish that feat and was never meant to. Only My Holy Spirit is able to fill you with overflowing My power, My love and My joy.
     I am My Holy Holy Spirit and My Spirit is Me.  Because My Spirit was in Jesus, I am Jesus and Jesus is Me.  We are One.  When My Spirit lives inside of you, then We are One also and all the benefits of My family are yours.  It was My plan, it was accomplished and Jesus make it possible.  Christ, the Victorious One is in you in the person of My Holy Spirit.  He is the hope of My glory, making it possible for Me to deliver all of My blessings to you because you are My child. (Colossians 1:26-27)
     Your Father of Great Plans

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