Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Dear One,
    There are three dimensions around the earth.  The first dimension is the atmosphere that you can see, the sky, the clouds, etc.  The second dimension is the demonic kingdom consisting of the devil and his demons.  The third dimension is My kingdom, My heaven in which I live along with Jesus, the angels, the spirits of My children whose bodies have died but whose spirits live on with Me.   My dimension, My heaven, is your eternal resting place.  The apostle Paul said that once, while living in flesh, He went to the third heaven; whether in the body or out of the body, he wasn't sure. 
    My children in the earth are subject to both My urgings from My heavenly dimension and they are subject to the temptations of the devil from his dimension at all times.  There is a war between the devil and Me for the souls of My children, the souls that I created at the beginning of the earth to live in unity with Me. 
    The important thing for you to know is that there is a dimension around your earth in which there are demonic spirits which have free access to your earth because of Adam's disobedience.  They are at the beckon and call of My children who have been deceived by the devil's temptations and have yielded to the temptations that he puts in your thoughts to do his dastardly deeds in the earth, evil ones which sow his seeds of destruction into the earth, injuring either body, soul or spirits of others, killing other people, demeaning others, belittling others, insulting others, judging others, hating others, being angry with others, yielding to addiction spirits, yielding to gluttony spirits, yielding to lustful spirits and on and on. 
    There is also that third dimension around your earth in which I live with the cloud of witnesses that are spoken of in My Instruction book, where Jesus, the angels, the spirits of the first born, the spirits of men who have been made perfect, and the cleansing blood of Jesus all reside eternally.  (Hebrews 12:1; 23-25)  My children in the earth can call upon Me at any time, exercising their free will to summon Me, and I send My angels to meet their needs, whether they are needs for their bodies, souls or spirits.  I said that anyone who calls upon My name will be saved from the evil that is present in the earth which occurs because people have yielded to the devil instead of yielding to Me and My leading of them. Yielding to Me causes love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, patience, faith and steadfastness to enter into the lives of My children who choose to be in unity with Me instead of being in unity with evil.
     I told you to lift your drooping heads and make a straight path for your feet and be healed of everything that has been affected by evil in your life.  I said to strive for peace with everyone and to never let bitterness or immorality enter into your life to curse you from the devil's dimension. (Hebrews 12:12-17)
      I never stop speaking to you.  My instructional words from My heaven are always directed at you to keep you from the sins which the devil entices you to yield.  There is a 24/7 battle for your soul, which is your creative mind which I gave to all of My children in the beginning, that being a mind which is creative in the earth.  I designed your mind to create only good, but the devil invaded the earth at Adam's invitation and brought his evil in order to curse the lives of My children.  Consequently, the devil also never stops tempting you in your thoughts to do his evil in the earth. It is your choice which voice to follow, My voice of love or the devil's voice of hate.  I said after the devil entered the earth that My children have the choice between having blessings or having curses in their lives.  (Deuteronomy 28)
    My children who ignorantly choose curses have a Savior, Jesus Christ, who died for them and redeemed them from the curses they inherited by their yielding to the devil.  They often live in the midst of the curses that they inherited from the devil for a while until they are able to turn completely from those works of the devil to which they have bound themselves.  (Matthew 18:18)
    My forgiveness is all encompassing.  Every work of evil in which My children engage is able to be forgiven by me and the curses which come from the devil's dimension are able to be reversed.  My peace is all encompassing.  My love is all encompassing. My goodness toward My children never ends.  My children must turn from evil works and embrace My good works before their curses can end.
    Become completely unified with Me and you will live the abundant life that I promised.  Jesus taught you about the keys to My kingdom.  My Spirit makes them real and effective in your life.  Yield to His revelations about My kingdom and you will reign in life as My child, able to inherit the benefits of My kingdom while living in the earth.
    Your Father of Love and Peace

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