Monday, June 6, 2016


Dear One,
    Jesus said that He did not come to the earth to do away with the words that I spoke through the prophets, but He came to fulfill them.  All of My prophetic words relating to My sending into the earth My Son Jesus to begin My final covenant with My children were fulfilled in Him.  His birth, His ministry, His death, His resurrection and then His sending into the earth My very own Holy Spirit, which had empowered Him, into the earth to be received by whoever is in need of supernatural spiritual power.  Those prophesies found their culmination in Jesus, the Christ.  All of the prophesies of old led up to the day of Pentecost when My Holy Spirit was sent into the earth from heaven to live within My children and give them the same power that Jesus had to defeat the works of the devil that had entered the earth through the first Adam.  My children had never been able to receive My power until Jesus became the Christ, the Victorious one, until He went to hell and took back authority from the devil to reign in the earth in the lives of My children.  That authority is only in the person of My Holy Spirit, the authority to overcome all evil in the world by those who choose to receive Him into their lives, making His earthly dwelling place in them. 
      If you will notice in the teachings of Jesus He quoted the former commandments and always gave many more insights into them than was previously known.  He expounded upon them, explaining to My children the demonic causes behind breaking the commandments.  For instance, He said that the demonic cause for killing someone is the spirit of anger.  Jesus said that refusing the temptation to be angry with someone will stop all killing.  He was saying that the spirit of anger is always the prelude to killings.  He identified the effective heavenly action that My children must choose in order to thwart the temptation to allow evil to use their bodies to kill.  My reaction to the spirit of anger is that, instead of yielding to the anger by insulting someone, calling people demeaning names and killing people in obedience to the fires of hell, that you should make peace with your enemies.  Peace is My way.  Killing is the devil's way.  (Matthew 5:21)  In making peace, you snuff out the fires of hell which tempt you. Jesus said to make friends of anyone who accuses you of anything.  He said that if you don't make peace with your accusers, doing the opposite of what the spirit of anger tells you to do, that you will be taken to court and have to pay the whole entire penalty for yielding to the temptation to do what anger says.
     Jesus also taught that sexually lusting after someone is the basis of adultery, one of the old commandments. (Matthew 5:27-30)  He was revealing that the demonic spirit of lust is behind all adultery.  He even said that if you have thoughts of lust after another person, that adultery has already entered you because you have already yielded to the devil's temptation to lust after someone.   He was identifying the basis of all sin is the devil's temptations and that you should stop the thoughts of lust when they enter into your mind instead of yielding to them or they will culminate in your committing adultery.  Your brother Jesus was teaching you what the old covenant laws could not do, which is to teach you the cause of all sins, which are the devil.  He was coaching you on how to avoid yielding to evil thoughts which are sent from hell to ensnare you and suck you into doing the devil's work in the earth. 
      Jesus also taught that the old covenant laws that gave you permission to return evil for evil done to you only brings the devil's guilt and condemnation upon you. (Matthew 5:38-42) He said that My effective ways are for you to do good to those who do evil to you, going the extra mile with them, turning your cheek if stricken and giving more than is required of you, all in an effort to keep peace with everyone.  In dong that, you snuff out the power of the devil in contentious affairs.      
       He said that old laws give you authority to hate your enemies and only love your neighbors but He taught that you should love your enemies also, that you must pray for those people who persecute you.  (Matthew 5:43-48)  He said that you must do what I do.  I do good works towards people who consider themselves My enemies, giving good things such as rain to people who hate Me and persecute Me.  He said that you will be perfect when you do the same things that I do when you follow My leading and only react in love and peace with everyone. 
     Jesus did what the old covenant laws could not do, what I really intended them to do, which was to identify the devil's works, often called sins, so that My children could avoid them.  Instead of the people using them to identify the temptations of the devil which come to their minds, they use them for guilt and condemnation, as led by the devil himself.  Jesus tried to clarify the reason for the laws and then He gave them insight into the basis for all of the old commanments, which was to identify the works of the devil so that they can be avoided.  (Romans 7:7-12)
     My Holy Spirit does what the old covenant laws could never do.  He frees My children from the temptations of the devil through you. (Acts 1:7)   My Spirit does what old covenant laws never accomplished, which is to continue the ministry of Jesus by destroying the works of the devil. (I John 3:8)
     All of the old covenant laws are culminated in love, loving your enemies, loving those who persecute you, loving those who strike you, loving those who require more money than is owed, loving those who do evil to you.  When you are led by the Holy Spirit, you can love the unloved, the unlovable and your enemies because I am Love.
      Your Loving, Forgiving Father       

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