Saturday, June 11, 2016


Dear One,
    There is a battle going on for your mind, which is the creative part of your being.  The battle is between the devil and Me.  I encourage you in your thoughts to be kind, good, loving, merciful, peaceful, faithful, patient and joyful.  Your enemy, the devil, tempts you to be mean, angry, hateful, condemning, fearful, judgmental, strife filled, selfish, impatient, depressed, oppositional, divisive, lustful, hopeless and sad.  Your motivation as My child is to accept My thoughts, follow My leads and become as I am, filled with compassion for others.
     The most powerful temptations over which My children must win the battle are thoughts of judging others because the devil knows that when he can entice you to judge others that he can also judge you with the same degree of judgment. (Matthew 7:1-2)  Killing two birds with one stone of temptation has always been his mode of operation.  Successfully tempting My children to judge others is his most powerful weapon against My children, against Me and against My kingdom.  The bad part of that scenario is that the devil uses the laws that I gave to a nation in order to entice you to judge others.  He also uses social standards and political standards.
     My commandments that I gave to the nation of Israel were given by Me to identify the devil's work so that the people would recognize the temptations of the devil and refuse to obey him.  They were never meant as a writ with which to judge anyone.  However, the devil uses those laws to gain power over My children with tempting thoughts. (Romans 7:7-21) For those of My children who are led by My Spirit, My personal words set them free from the laws of sin and death which are used by the devil to tempt, entice and punish My children.  (Romans 7:4-6)
     Judging others, just like in a court of law, is done by a jury of peers of the accused. When you judge other people, as their peer you join with the devil's temptation and make yourself a judge of the laws themselves, thinking that I did not really mean it when I said that if you judge anyone you will also be judged.  When you forgive others instead of judging and condemning them, you do so by the leading of My Holy Spirit who sets you free from the religious judgmental laws of sin and death.  (Romans 8:1-2)  My Spirit gives you the power to refuse the evil temptation to judge others, giving you the power to forgive others instead of judging them for not measuring up to your standards of religious, political, social and cultural laws.  Only My Holy Spirit can provide the spiritual power for you to refuse to judge others but instead to forgive them.  (Romans 8:3-8) In forgiving others, you put yourself under My grace, which is forgiveness of all sins.  In judging and condemning others you put yourself under the devil's judgment.  Which do you choose?  It's always your choice, as in the beginning of the world.
      My true children do not have a vigilante mindset, eager to catch someone in a sin, an iniquity, a trespass, a bad choice or a mistake.  Only those of My children who are deceived by the devil to judge others have the vigilante mindset,  Remember that it is the devil who roams the earth seeking whom he may devour.  My true children do not seek to catch breakers of religious, social or cultural laws so that they can judge them as guilty.  Only those who follow the devil's vigilante temptations will receive the same judgments that they mete to others.  I am grieved when My children fall for those temptations and remove themselves from My protection and blessings. (Ephesians 4:29-31) The door is always open for My children to return to unity with Me, operating in a spirit of compassion rather than judgment and condemnation.
     People in the earth who are controlled by the lusts of their flesh need your compassion and forgiveness.  They don't need the judgment and condemnation of anyone.  The devil provides enough of that to kill them.  Don't participate with him in his destruction of the children whom I love and treasure.
     Instead of being judgmental vigilantes, become missionaries of My love, My compassion, My mercy and My forgiveness.  Blot out the sins of other people by forgiving them just like I blot out their sins and your sins.  The blood of Jesus has already done it.  When you do it, you fulfill the ministry of Jesus Christ.
     Your Forgiving, Life-Giving Father  

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